Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software is a program that can be customized to work for any type of business or company.  The ability to configure Blitz allows users to build a custom program that follows the procedures already set in place in their offices, creating an easy transition to a paperless system.  Below is a list of ways that Blitz can be customized:

  • WorkflowWorkflow automates emails, scheduling, x-dates, and re-quotes.  By customizing Workflow, you can have these actions occur whenever you would like and include a specific group of leads.  To sign up for Workflow (add-on is $3.25 per user) or customize your current workflow, call our customer service line.
  • Email templatesEmail templates can be added to save time typing out the same emails time after time.  You can even add lead substitutions, which will automatically substitute the lead’s name and other information into the email, making it more personalized.  This is especially helpful when sending out mass emails or workflow emails.  To add email templates, to to Administration > Email Templates.
  • Custom fields– Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software gives you 20 custom fields to work with, enabling you to search, sort, and filter based on any criteria you choose.  To edit custom fields, go to Administration > Manage Campaigns, click the Campaign Settings icon , and click the Custom Column Headings tab.
  • Custom column types– The custom fields within Blitz can be changed to a date or dropdown field.  Date fields will display a calendar icon next to the field to let you choose the date, and the dropdown field can have any number of choices you choose.  This will make the data consistent, making it easier to filter with accurate results.  To edit custom column types, go to Administration > Manage Campaigns, click the Campaign Settings icon , and click the Custom Column Types tab.
  • Default columns– You can choose which columns are showing by default in the lead list.  To choose the default columns, go to Administration > Manage Campaigns, click the Campaign Settings icon , and click the Default Columns tab.
  • Lead log quick adds– Lead log quick adds help you save time by adding a history note, scheduling an appointment, and changing the lead status all with one click.  This tool is used for situations that occur frequently and don’t require extra notes or details, such as leaving a voicemail or got a bad number.  You can customize Quick Adds by going to Administration > Lead Log Quick Adds.
  • Lead log types– Track what your staff is doing with lead log types.  When adding history notes, Blitz is tracking how many phone calls were made, emails sent, meetings attended, etc.  To customize Lead Log Types by going to Administration > Lead Log Types.
  • Lead milestonesMilestones help you see where you are at in the sales process with each lead, simplifying the lead tracking process.  You can customize Milestones by going to Administration > Lead Milestones.
  • Lead statusesStatuses let you know what type of lead you are dealing with, whether it be a hot lead, someone not interested, etc.  To customize Statuses by going to Administration > Lead Statuses.
  • Lead sources– Track where each lead came from using lead sources.  You can add lead providers, events, etc. then run reports to see which source is generating the most sales.  You can add sources by going to Administration > Lead Sources.
  • Products & Services– Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software can track sales of different products or services at your company.  To add products and/or services, go to Administration > Opportunity Categories.  Learn more about using the Sales Opportunity tool here: https://www.nowblitz.com/blog/release-notes-06092009/
  • Call script/questions– You can create a call script or form for your staff to ensure they are getting all the information necessary when prospecting.  To add a call script or questions, go to Administration > Manage Campaigns, click the Campaign Settings icon , and click either the Call Script or Questions tab.
  • Privacy settings– To make a campaign private to certain users, go to Administration > Manage Campaigns, click the edit pencil next to the campaign, and select the Private box.  To choose which users can view the campaign, click the Campaign Settings icon next to the campaign , and choose the Privacy Settings tab.
  • Web Form–  You can create a custom web form to put on your website, Facebook page, or to send out to prospects.  When the form is submitted, it will automatically drop the information right into your Blitz account.  To set up a web form, go to Administration > Manage Campaigns, click the Campaign Settings icon , and choose the Web Form tab.  In this screen you can select which fields will be showing within the form as well as configure an auto assign group to assign the leads out as they come into Blitz.
  • Auto Assign GroupsAuto assign groups can  be set up to receive internet, telemarketing, or web form leads in a round robin fashion as they arrive in Blitz.  To configure or add auto assign groups, go to Administration > Auto Assign Groups.
  • User settings – Within My Profile, each user can edit their email signature, session timeout, email notifications, calendar layout, and more.
  • My Blitz layout–  The My Blitz homepage layout can be customized so that when you log into the system, you are looking at the most important information first.  To customize the layout, simply drag the boxes by the blue bar at the top.  You can also collapse boxes by clicking the up arrow in each blue bar.  Click Save My Blitz Layout.