Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software’s Workflow tool has five core functions: sending automatic emails, automatically scheduling appointments, automatically incrementing contract dates, automatically reassigning leads, and automatically requoting (if you use Robo-Agent First Impressions).  These five functions can be completely customized to happen when you want to the leads you want, giving you the power to create a personal electronic assistant and making lead tracking simple.

Workflow is triggered when certain situations occur within your Blitz account.  Below are the available triggers that are used to activate the automatic emails, appointments, and contract date modifications:

  • Age of the lead- For example, when a new lead has been in the system for two days, an email and/or follow-up could be triggered.
  • Contract date- For example, when a lead’s contract date is approaching, an appointment could be added.  This could also be used to increment the contract date once it has passed.
  • Time since current milestone reached- For example, when a lead is marked “sold,” a thank you email could be triggered to send 7 days later.
  • Time since lead was assigned- Similar to the “age of the lead” trigger.  This is good for old leads that have recently been assigned or reassigned.

Workflow can also be customized to filter the leads that are included.  This enables you to make emails more specific and control how often you contact different leads.  Multiple filters can be used for the same workflow within Blitz.  Below are the filters that are available to add to Workflow:

  • Lead statusFor example, “New” and “Attempted Contact” leads could receive emails attempting to reach them until they are moved to a different status.
  • Current milestone- Similar to the status filter, a lead with a serious quote would be treated differently than a lead already sold.
  • Lead source This filter can be used to prioritize leads.  For example, telemarketing leads or referrals may have more scheduled follow-ups than leads from a list provider.
  • CampaignFor example, leads in an “Auto Insurance” campaign could be sent different emails than leads in a “Home Insurance” campaign.
  • Lead assigned- Only assigned leads will be included, preventing emails being sent to leads that won’t be added to a user’s schedule.
  • Has a contract date- Only leads with a contract date will be included.  This filter is appropriate for Workflows triggered by the lead’s contract date.
  • Lead type- This refers to whether a lead was from an imported list, a web lead provider, or was manually added.  This filter is often used for a Workflow with an “age of the lead” trigger, preventing 1500 leads from an imported list two days ago to end up on your user’s schedule for the two day follow-up.
  • Lead tag– Leads will be included if they have a specific tag, such as “hot lead” or “monoline policy.”
  • Zip code– Only leads with a certain specified zip code will be included.

In order to set up or customize Workflow, call the Blitz support line at (419)841-8800 or email support@blitzleadmanager.com.