When prospecting, it’s important to track the progress of leads.  This is not only important to know where you are at with an individual lead, but also provides insight into your sales process as a whole and can even help automate and streamline your follow up.  Blitz Lead Manager’s custom status and milestone features allows businesses to customize their unique process and easily track results.



A common question that we receive is: “Why do we need both?”  The answer is simple.  You are tracking two completely different things.  A status is meant to track the interest of the lead (hot, not interested, etc.), while a milestone is meant to track the sales process timeline (contacted, quoted, sold, etc.).  You can’t have one without the other.  For example, you may have quoted 100 people (which would have a “Quoted” milestone), but some were interested, some were not, some weren’t eligible, etc.  This is where the status comes into play.  Similarly, you may have 100 leads with a “Hot” status, but each is in a different stage of the sales process.


Keeping statuses and milestones updated and current is important for many reasons.  To name a few:

  • If you have an automated Workflow set up, emails and appointments are going to be automatically generated based on the lead’s status and/or milestone.  You do not want a lead nurturing email automatically sent to someone that told you they were not interested yesterday.
  • If you are using eAgent, leads are sent automatically from Blitz to eAgent based on a milestone.
  • When using an autodialer, or even when manually dialing out, it makes it easy to target only leads that you have not already contacted.
  • Administrators can easily see the overall progress of a particular user or lead vendor by the status/milestone breakdown on the My Blitz page.
  • Leads can be filtered by status and milestone to find the ones you want to target
It’s also important to make sure the statuses and milestones in your account make sense for your business.  Blitz does provide defaults, however they do not work for everyone.  For best results, have an office meeting to discuss your sales process.  Write down each stage of the process and how you would like to categorize your leads.  This will give you a better idea what they should be changed to.  To customize statuses or milestones, click on the Administration tab, and select either “Lead Statuses” or “Lead Milestones.”  Click +Add New Record to add a new one, the pencil to edit, and the trash can to delete.