The recruiting landscape becomes more competitive by the day, which means customer retention strategies are more important than ever.

We have some good news for recruiting agencies. Recruitment is a pain point for almost every business. The talent pool is vast and ever-growing, which means companies are having a harder time sifting through potential employees to find the right fit. As a result, recruitment agencies are popping up everywhere, creating an industry as competitive as the job market. In this recruiting landscape, customer retention strategies are crucial to sustaining a successful recruitment practice.

Understand the market

Recruiting is hard work. It requires an endless stream of energy to sort through online profiles and resumes, contact potential candidates, phone screen them, interview them, and then decide among them. That’s why so many employers are turning to staffing agencies to help them fill their open roles.

For recruiters, filling those open roles takes time and dedication. It’s not as simple as sending over a seemingly qualified candidate and expecting to close the deal there. Many employers use multiple staffing firms at the same time, which means you’re in constant competition with others. What customer retention strategies can you use to ensure that an employer not only goes with your candidate but also comes back to you for more when other open roles arise?

Be honest

Of all the customer retention strategies for recruiters, the most important one is also the most obvious. Many of us have heard of at least one recruiter who’s done something like inflating a candidate salary to bump his or her commission, or saying a candidate has a competing offer just to get that annual salary increased by a few thousand dollars. Sure, you might get away with it a few times, but others will find you out, and once you establish a reputation like that in the staffing industry, your business practice is doomed.

Only send qualified candidates

Companies pay thousands of dollars for staffing services specifically because they don’t have the time for recruitment themselves. When you send unqualified candidates for go-see interviews, you waste both the employer’s time and the candidate’s time, which won’t look favorably on you from either point-of-view. Remember, even though the candidate doesn’t pay you anything, they are still customers, and you want to treat them the same way you treat the companies that pay for your services.

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Don’t skimp on the marketing

With so much competition out there, it’s important that your agency comes across as professional and polished. Spring for the snazzy business cards. Spend money on a high-quality, user-friendly website. Invest in company schwag that you can give to customers so they’ll remember you. All of those things may seem like frivolous expenses, but they’re vital in not only acquiring but also retaining customers.

Take your customers to lunch

One of the most effective customer retention strategies is to take your clients out to lunch two or three times a year. (At least once if you have a lot of clients.) This keeps you in touch with your customers, and shows them you’re willing to invest in them even if they haven’t decided to invest in you. Grabbing lunch is also a great way to reconnect with customers you haven’t worked with in a long time, and potentially renew a partnership.

Say thank you

When you do place a candidate with a company, or even if the company just takes time to entertain your offering, send a thank you note. Believe it or not, this small gesture still goes a long way. It shows respect for their time and gratitude for choosing to go with your candidate. Even if they choose another candidate, say thanks so they’ll still consider coming to you with future needs.

Build relationships

Customer retention strategies primarily come down to relationships. Recruiting is all about relationships with both candidates and companies. It’s your job to make sure that you’re meeting the needs of both parties if you want to retain their business. You don’t do that just by placing a candidate—in fact, some companies accept candidates from staffing firms then never use those firms again. Instead, focus on building relationships regardless whether or not there’s an immediate payout. You’ll do more business in the long run if companies keep coming back for your services.

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What strategies do you use to retain your customers? Share your answers in the comments below.