Improve your business’ customer experience strategy starting now.

For those businesses that are new to customer experience (CX), it’s generally defined as the interactions between the company and the customer throughout the entire relationship. Organizations utilizing customer experience strategy often does so in conjunction with their sales and marketing software, like Blitz. By tracking the CX for your customers, you can determine the risk, opportunities, and which ones are most inclined to become a brand advocate.

Know that it’s not the same thing as customer support
Customer support is part of CX, but the two are not the same.  To understand your customer’s needs, you must first understand what they want and how they are being communicated to at all levels of the organization. Create business principals under which all employees are expected to adhere to when interacting with customers. Then make those principals part of the company culture and how they service the customers.

Uncover what makes your customers tick
The first step is helping your customers is to really understand who they are and what they need to be successful. If you haven’t already done so, create customer personas – which are profiles for each type of customer your business serves so you can ensure that your message and presence can meet their needs.  This will help you to understand who they are and how your business needs to tailor its message to be a truly customer-centric organization.

Make a personal connection
When a customer is emotionally connected to your company’s team they are much more like to repurchase and recommend you to others. Train your team to get to know your customers on a personal level.  Use your sales and marketing software to keep track of birthdays, important notes, or memorable events. Demonstrate that your customers aren’t just customers, but friends.

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customer experience strategy

Ask for – and then respond to – customer feedback
Everyone likes to feel that their opinion matters. Use your sales and marketing software to take a survey of how your customers think and feel.  However, make the survey short to give it the best possible chance of being submitted, and use form rules to keep it short.  Form rules to allow certain questions to only be shown if the respondent answers a certain way. This will keep the form from looking too intimidating. Then make both the data collection process as well as responses transparent to generate confidence in their validity.  Then make sure to implement some of their suggestions and promote that fact in your regular marketing pieces

Track and measure your NPS score
As is the case with all aspects of your business, it’s important to know if your efforts are working.  How do you determine if they are successful or not? Tracking and measuring CX is a challenge, but it’s an important one. Utilize your net promotor score – or NPS – to track important information about brand perception, brand loyalty and much more.

customer experience strategy

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