New to CRM software?  These CRM 101 tips will help get you started.

Every company these days is looking for ways to gain a competitive edge.  One of the best ways to get a leg up on the competition it to use customer relationship management (CRM) software. CRM software can help businesses to track customer information, behaviors, and preferences to assist organizations like yours to improve customer service and overall satisfaction. This will help your sales team to gain new customers while boosting sales revenue. If your business could use a crash course or CRM 101 overview to help get you started, Blitz has you covered.

What is CRM and what does it really do?
CRM software works to gather information about customers and their organizations.  The data is collected and then analyzed to help businesses determine the needs and wants of their customers.  This valuable information can assist in them in providing targeted content marketing, email campaigns, sales offers and more that matches who your customers are and what they really need. Essentially, CRM technology brings the company closer to the customer and reduces the communication gap between the business and those they serve. An important thing to note is how CRM software can be used to automate customer follow-ups, track and analyze customer complaints, make improvements across the organization to streamline processes and improve customer loyalty.

What are the business benefits from using a CRM?
Organizations that implement a CRM want to improve customer service and satisfaction. A key reason a business using a CRM is so it can advertise their products and services better and smarter. Decision are made based on the data points collected and maintained in the CRM. This will help to ensure that they are promoting the right goods or services to the right people. For example, let’s say you purchase a bread machine for your kitchen from Amazon.  A few days after the product arrives, let’s say Amazon provides you links in a follow-up email to bread machine cookbooks, a selection of gourmet jams, and more.  Amazon is using both your customer data to automate email messages to you that would make sense based on your behaviors and preferences. Plus, by identifying processes that are costing your company money, revenue can be saved and invested into your organization.

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CRM 101

How do you find the CRM software that’s best for your business?
One of the first considerations is the size of your entire customer database.  Different software options are best for different organizations. Finding a solution that will serve your business both now but into the future is essential. Determine what you need your CRM software to be able to do, such as create and send invoices, create forms and surveys and more.  Also consider how your business plans to use your CRM software to automate marketing follow-ups and advertising.  Consider your options carefully and take advantage of trials and free demos whenever you have the opportunity.

CRM 101

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CRM software can be a powerful tool to help your business grow. Hopefully, this CRM 101 overview has provided information and insight that can help you get started at your organization. Let us know if you have any success stories from using CRM software; we’d love to hear from you!