Each user in Blitz sales software can create a unique email signature to use when sending outbound emails from Blitz.


Setting up an email signature:

Go to the My Profile tab, and either type a new signature or copy and paste an existing one you use in another email program.  Click save on the bottom right of the My Profile page.



Best practices for creating an email signature:

  • Make sure to include all contact information: name, phone number, address, and link to your website.  This gives the recipient options besides email to contact you.
  • Avoid using flashy fonts or colors.  If an email signature is hard to read, it appears unprofessional.
  • If you copy and pasted an existing signature, send yourself a test email to make sure it looks ok and to test the links.  Sometimes external email programs reroute their links, and may not work in Blitz.
  • To add a link, highlight the text and click the earth/link icon next to the font size dropdown.  Copy and paste the link into the URL box and click OK.
  • Many users choose to also include a head shot or logo to their signature.  Click here for instructions.
  • When creating an email template, use the [AssignedToEmailSignature] substitution at the bottom.  You can either copy and paste the substitution from this post, or select it from the “Lead Substitutions” dropdown box.


Why it’s important to have a signature saved:

  • When sending out manual emails from Blitz, you will not need to retype your information every time.
  • When using web based sales force automation, you will want to have a signature saved for each user in Blitz.  This way, automated emails being sent will include the contact information of the assigned user.
  • Why add a signature instead of just typing it out on the template?  First, you don’t want to have one general signature for every user to share.  Second, if you want to make one change to a signature (even for one user accounts), you can do it once in the My Profile screen as opposed to editing several templates.  In short, it’s a time saver!