Realtor business cards are a critical tool for retaining prospects and landing that home sale.

As a real estate agent, competition is fierce. You’re fighting off other realtors online, in print ads, and by word of mouth. So how can you stand out from the crowd? Realtor business cards are a small space with a big opportunity to engage home-buying leads or interested-in selling customers.

Your name, contact information, and realtor website are the most important things for a potential buyer to know and remember. Make sure they stand out on your business card and that your contact information is correct and easy to access.

If you’re an independent real estate agent, you have more flexibility with your business card design

Approximately fifty-seven percent of realtors are affiliated with an independent, non-franchised company. An independent real estate agent’s brand is less easily recognized in the marketplace, so take care that your business card reflects who you are, what your brand stands for, is memorable, and builds trust. Independent real estate agents are not curtailed by the constraints of a franchised company, so your business card design can be more unique and set you apart.

An uncommon structure for your realtor business card can make a difference

As not every home is rectangular, nor does every real estate agent’s business card need to be. Try an unusual shape, a fold, or a die cut to engage home buyers and invite them to hold onto your card. A door-shaped card that opens, a card with a window, or a square card can be more memorable than a run-of-the-mill plain business card. Perhaps your card has a “welcome home” or “just sold” sign on the front and your information on the back. Be innovative if you can.


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Make your realtor business card aesthetics reflect you

Finding the right house and the right real estate agent are personal choices. Both need to be the perfect fit. If you’re an independent agent, use your card as your signature so people will remember your brand, your personality, and you, through color, paper choice, and design.

If you sell high-end houses, your card can reflect luxury. If you sell cabins in the woods, your card can be rustic. Feel free to add a picture to personalize your card or, if you have won any awards or have a unique approach, print that on your business card as well.

Your card can communicate that you are friendly, reliable, driven, dedicated, all through words you use and design elements you choose. A realtor business card is like a mini three-inch resume from which prospective home buyers need decide to hire you.

Step outside the box and make a personal connection with home buyers

If you’re part of a larger real estate agency, there are still things you can do to be remembered. In most instances, with larger agencies, a standard branded business card will have already been designed for you.

Try inscribing a personal message on the back of your card before handing it out. This will help the home buyer to remember you. If you make a personal connection with someone at a ball game, at the dog park, or at a school event, jot down a comment on the back of your business card to remind the prospective customer of where you met. This intimate and friendly gesture conveys that there is a person, and a personality, behind the card, and the card will be less likely to be thrown away because of it.

Hit home with your realtor business card design

Whether you’re an independent real estate agent or part of a franchise, your realtor business cards need to make a memorable impression on any home buyer, Use this critical tool well to build your client roster, and then always follow up with your leads.


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What examples of unique realtor business cards have you seen? Let us know your favorites in the comments!