6 cold calling tips for introverts- blitz lead managerFinding yourself fearful to pick up the phone? These cold calling tips will get your lead generation started.

If you’re an introvert, the idea of cold calling new leads may not sound appealing. In fact, for many salespeople, cold calling leads is a less-than-desirable task. So how does an introvert master the art of contacting someone new? These cold calling tips will point anyone in the right direction to make the call and master the sale.

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Cold calling tip #1: Prepare for your call


Since introverts may object to cold calling, we recommend making it a regular part of your work schedule, rather than something done once or twice a month in large blocks. If you set aside a half hour a day (or even less) to make new contacts, the process will become more routine, and less of something you dread.


When will you call? You may want to try out different blocks of time to find out what time cold calling works best for you. I’d recommend making it one of your first priorities of the day. You are feeling fresh and ready to begin your day, and your contact hasn’t had a chance to become stressed from his or her workday either.


Research who you are contacting. Yes, it might take a few more minutes, but doing a quick LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter search will help you find out if you share any connections with the person you’re calling. Connections could be people you may have in common, colleges attended, volunteer activities, or previous work relationships. Take advantage of the common thread; it will keep your contact on the phone for a longer time, and you’ll hold their attention more strongly.


Cold calling tip #2: Remember, this is a teaching experience


There is no reason to assume that the people you’re calling aren’t interested. If anything, it’s best to start your call thinking that the person you are reaching out to has been waiting for your call all day. See if you can obtain information from them first, so that you can better explain what you’re selling to them. If you’re able to to learn about the person on the other end’s needs, you can tailor your pitch to them.


Cold calling tip #3: Anticipate objections


If you anticipate any objections the person you’re calling may have before you dial them up, you’re better prepared to resolve the problems while on the phone. If there are problems you are unable to resolve, you can at least ease concerns and pave the road to good future conversations. For example, if you are an insurance agent calling a lead about a new policy, you may find out that they’ve contacted a few other agencies as well. What objections or concerns do you think they’ll have? They will likely want to know how each policy compares, and will also wonder about pricing structures. If you’re prepared for these concerns, you will be able to sell them on your specific policy.


Cold calling tips #4: Speak normally, drop the jargon


You aren’t an extrovert and you’re also not performing in a play, so there is no need to act like anyone else when cold calling new leads. The most important attributes the person on the other end wants from you are honesty, confidence, and intelligence. They want to be sure that you know your product well and can answer any of their questions. They want you to exude  confidence; they do not want to talk to someone who is overly nervous or unsure of his information.


Cold calling tips #5: Ace the ending


What is the best way to end a cold call? Making a sale or follow-up appointment! Even if you are unable to make the sale or schedule an appointment, there are other ways to end a cold call successfully. If you needed to speak with someone else at the organization, were you able to get their name and contact information? If right now was not a good time for the person on the other end, did you find out when would be best to call back? The more information you can get on a call, the better prepared you’ll be to follow up.


Cold calling tips #6: Keep detailed records


Was the person on the other end unable to commit? Make notes after each phone call so you know how to best follow up with this lead in the future. Were they not the decision maker? Be sure to get and jot down the name and contact information for the person you need to follow up with. Was today a bad time to talk? List their preferred contact times and schedule the follow-up call into your calendar.

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client-managerSales templates can cure your sales fears, and we have lots of them! Sign up for a FREE 30-day trial of Blitz lead management and sales automation software, and automate customer follow-up.

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Have any of these cold calling tips worked for you in the past? Do you have more cold calling tips you can share? If so, let us know in the comments section!