Want to close twice as many deals over the phone? Use these tips to bring your cold calling scripts to the next level.

Isn’t it interesting that with all the technology out there, cold calling is still an effective sales technique? This style of selling has been around for generations. It’s changed in research and implementation, but overall, it’s still the same challenge: closing a deal over the phone without a prior relationship.

For years people have tried to create fool-proof cold calling scripts that will carry their salespeople to remarkable success. But the situation remains grounded to equal parts structure and finesse.

Because your conversations on that first phone call are typically very fast, you need to practice your openings. With time you can build several cold calling scripts that close deals with confidence.

cold calling scripts

Basic ground rules for effective cold calling scripts

Try to use the prospect’s name. Using her name catches her attention and focuses the conversation. It also gives you a degree of control over the conversation because you’re guiding the next step.

Stay away from small talk. It may seem counter-intuitive, but think about it: would you ever banter over the phone with a person you’ve never met? Probably not. It’s best to focus on a professional dialogue that doesn’t waste time and offers tremendous value.

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Answer the important questions before they ask: who are you, what are you offering, and why should I care? Answer each within the first ten or fifteen seconds of the call. Get to the point and make a solid offer.

  • Who are you? State your name and the company you represent.
  • Why are you calling? Give the reason for the call and illustrate the problem your prospect may be experiencing.
  • Why should I care? Pitch the major benefit he or she will receive.

cold calling scripts

5 openings to chisel your cold calling scripts into works of art

1. Start on a high note

You have to leap into a sales call with a sense of enthusiasm. You want the person on the other end to feel excited about your pitch (or, at least, interested in what you have to say).

Start off with a small, yet powerful statement.

“Bill, I’ve got great news for you. We saw that you’re in the market for _________ and we have a one-time-only opportunity to (help solve his problem). And, better yet, it’s at a historically low price. How do you feel about having a quick chat?”

2. Name drop a connection that builds rapport

Put together a list of people, companies, or resources that your prospect may respond to if brought up in a conversation. Try to find common ground and illustrate that you know what they are looking for to solve a problem.

  • Past customers that live near his locale and may share similar lifestyles, jobs, or struggles.
  • Customers you’ve helped who work in the same industry (or same company) as your prospect. He may know them personally.
  • Businesses or influencers who use your services.

3. Transparency breaks down psychological walls

When it comes to breaking through emotional barriers, transparency goes a long way. It shows that you’re a genuine professional with a reputation and that you’re readily available. Reveal yourself to the prospect, and the prospect might reveal herself to you.

  • Tell her how you gathered her contact info. Educate her on how your company markets its services and why calling on the phone is necessary (and most beneficial) to establish communication.
  • Reveal your intentions for the call. Earlier in this post, we shared that cold call scripts should cut the small talk and get to the point. Here, we’re saying you should reveal what this phone call is about: setting up a face-to-face or closing a deal right now.
  • Tell her all of the contact information about your company and how she can get in touch. Questions about our services? Go here. Want a second opinion? Here is a link to our latest online reviews.

4. Reveal a fact that will surprise or startle your prospect

Sometimes it takes a little more than a simple hello or introduction to grab attention. Drop a bomb right at the beginning of the conversation—a fact she can’t ignore or resist. It works even better when it relates to the prospect’s problem, or causes doubt about his current situation.

Cold calling scripts greatly benefit from a short list of surprising, ear-catching lines. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • A statistic that illustrates how much your prospect is “missing out on” or “losing” by not utilizing a service like yours.
  • An offer that lasts for a limited time. Creating a sense of alertness or anxiety may push them into hearing more or taking action.
  • Illustrating the positive results that your customers have seen since signing up with you.

5. Throw in a giant cake and then peel away the layers

The best way to get someone to listen is to create suspense. Give away just enough information to keeps them interested. Better yet, start by serving a cake on a silver platter. Once she bites in, start to peel away the layers, bit by bit, revealing all the delicious details, until you get to the core of your pitch.

You: “Bill, how would you like to save two thousand dollars this year?”
Prospect: “That’d be pretty nice, yeah.”
You: “Great! We provide a service that guarantees at least that much in savings if you’re currently with a different company. Plus, we’re offering a special program right now that could add additional savings to your plan. We have about ten more slots left for this offer. Would you like to have a quick chat?”

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Don’t hesitate to start a conversation with us! Tell us about your best tips for building cold calling scripts that work wonders!