Nothing says “thank you” like personalized and thoughtful client appreciation gifts

Thinking back on the gifts you’ve received on holidays or birthdays, which ones do you remember most? Chances are they weren’t extravagant or expensive but showed a thoughtful effort to speak to you personally. When trying to come up with client appreciation gifts, the same principle applies: it’s the thought that counts.

Loyal customers are created by the experiences they have with your brand. One of the best ways to keep you in their minds is to send along a personalized gift that shows how much you appreciate their business. Maybe these gifts reward a long-term partnership, or perhaps they seek to create loyalty. Either way, you would be hard pressed to find a customer who wouldn’t be delighted by the effort.

Are you looking for gifts that are cost-friendly, simple to implement, and highlight a personal touch for every individual recipient? Try one of our suggestions, and your customers will be wowed by your generosity.

7 unique approaches to client appreciation gifts

1. Shine the spotlight for all to see

Shine the spotlight on an individual and share his or her story on your website, social media pages, YouTube channel, and any other shareable pages you utilize. You can even dedicate an entire week or month to publishing these type of “shout out” client appreciation gifts.

Giving a big “thank you!” to your customer by spreading the word over multiple platforms will accomplish two goals:

  1. You’ll make that customer feel like a celebrity.
  2. Everyone will know how much you care about your relationships with your customers.

2. A hand-written letter

In an age of automated responses and digital communication, the hand-written letter has become a novelty. While social shout outs are a great way to connect, another option is to use a pen and paper. Once a month, take a few hours to write ten letters that are quick, thoughtful, and ultra-personalized.

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What do we mean by “ultra-personalized”? Take an extra step to show you’ve taken your time crafting the sentiments. You may even want to ask a question! Open up the window and encourage your customers to write back.

3. Reward loyal customers with upgrades and special offers

Some customers deserve recognition in big ways. These are your most loyal supporters – the ones who have stuck it out with you through thick and thin and continue to promote your business. Here are a few client appreciation gifts that show your loyalty to them:

  • Upgrade them to better memberships, for free.
  • Send special offers and discounted prices that no one else receives.
  • If a new product line is soon to be released, surprise your customers by giving them those items or services for no charge. If that isn’t feasible, allow them to get a first look or first chance to purchase from the new product or services.

4. Funny cards on minor holidays

On major holidays or birthdays, other companies will be sending out client appreciation gifts or cards. Sometimes it’s more effective to send a funny note when least expected. Make your company stand out by sending a funny “just because” card on a minor holiday, bonus points if you can offer them a discount, too. The lesser known holiday, the better.

If you’re in the fitness industry, sending out a card on ice cream or pizza appreciation day would be humorous. “Celebrate the holiday, and then join us tomorrow for a FREE spin class!” The effort will show that you have your customers in mind all the time, not only important, easy-to-remember dates.

5. Send a basket with gifts special personalized to location

Depending on your business plan, your customers may be local or spread out around the country – or globe! Pick a few outstanding clients and send them a gift tailored to a geographic location.

For instance, if your client lives in Alaska, send them fur mittens, hot chocolate packets, and a pair of wool socks. Package them in a creative and presentable way, along with a quick note: “Dear John, just wanted to say thank you for being such a loyal customer. We hope you to meet you in person in the future. In the meantime, stay warm!”

You could also give your customers a taste of a location they might not be familiar with. If you do business in the Northeast, you could send your southern clients a basket filled with real maple sugar, salt-water taffy, coffee syrup, or fresh cranberries.

6. Custom-branded chocolates and treats

There are many different companies that create custom branded treats for client appreciation gifts. Remember: you don’t need to go overboard. If you’re sending individual gifts, make a small package of two or three gourmet chocolates per person. Have them branded with your company logo with frosting or engravings.

7. A quotation that sums up your appreciation

If you want to make an impression with your gift, pick out a quotation and quickly explain how it reminds you of your client relationship. You can customize the quote with graphics or pictures and frame it for your client. Attach a letter (or you can include it on the print) saying why the client means so much to you and your business.

Keep it simple, keep it safe

When considering client appreciation gifts, remember that less is more. Though your clients will be astounded by extravagant gifts, there’s no need to dig into your budget for these gifts. A small, thoughtful “thank you” can go a long way, and will provide better time and cost-effectiveness overall. It’s the thought that counts.

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lead-managerWant to be reminded about important dates to send appreciation gifts? Sign up for a 30-day FREE trial of our lead management software and see how easy it is to stay connected with your customers!

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Have you ever been given client appreciate gifts? Do you send them to your customers? Share your story with us!