Do not ask what you can do for sales automation software; ask what sales automation can do for you!

You’ve done everything you can to finish your tasks by the end of the workday, but like usual, something else has snuck onto your desk. You need to follow-up with a potential client. So you look at the clock on your computer, thinking that you may have time to finish this email before 5 PM. The computer says 5:08 PM, and you want to scream.

What could change this scenario? Simple – sales automation software.

Not only is automation helpful in generating a greater number of sales, it’s also essential for sales reps who juggle a massive workload. Sales automation software can automatically organize your sales cycles and get in touch with your prospects and customers for you, while giving you more time to complete other, more urgent projects.

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Are you still wondering about sales automation software?

Sales automation software is a tool that automates sales cycles, creating a simpler method of communication and organization for sales representatives and managers.

For example, instead of manually conducting minor, time-consuming tasks such as sales forecasting, following-up with clients or order tracking, you can put more time and energy into more pressing assignments. Who wouldn’t want to save time doing small tasks and dedicate that time to more important responsibilities?

What sales automation software can do for you:

  • Seize opportunities to follow-up with past, present and potential (leads) clients
  • Set up reminders through each stage of the sales process
  • Prioritize sales tasks
  • Provide you with the tools needed to accurately forecast future sales through data that’s based on quotes, orders, and opportunities.
  • Improve upselling and cross-selling by gaining a better understanding of customers through data based on their order history and demographics.
  • Keep managers updated with a salesperson’s activities, such as locating areas where underperforming reps need to reform their performance.

How will it change the way you do business?

Remember when you had to complete tedious work, like remembering to send out emails, reminding yourself to follow-up with clients, or rescheduling contract dates?

Sales automation software can take care of all those tasks, expediting the process of not just one salesperson, but many. In turn, each member of your sales staff will be afforded more time and energy to complete other, more urgent responsibilities. It will take the burden off your back, and you can expend your energy on something that needs to be cultivated.

You can invest in building better relationships with high-quality leads, which creates a richer interaction between your business and customers.

The biggest perks of sales automation software:

It helps expedite the sales process

Tasks that are normally time-consuming, mundane or tedious will no longer take up a major portion of your day. It has all the tools necessary to make sure salespeople are not bogged down by remembering when to send out a contract renewal or scheduling time to follow-up on an email sent a week ago.

It provides accurate information

There may have been times where you have forecasted future sales inaccurately, or it simply took you one too many times to get the right results. With the right software, your data can be generated with precision and a lot more ease. The correct data will allow the business to plan ahead accordingly so that it grows to its fullest potential.

It allows more time to nurture bigger projects

Sales reps and managers will have the opportunity to focus on work that is urgent and requires more of their attention if they are using sales automation software. For example, instead of having to follow-up with leads and clients through email, reps can spend time creating, building and expanding relationships with these individuals. They know any necessary email will be sent with their software system, and they’re free to spend their time elsewhere — like closing more sales.

Blitz can help you automatically follow-up with leads, referrals, and past and present clients. Our software eases your burden of having to remember to manually send out emails or contact referrals. Scheduling interactions with contacts will suddenly become easier. What’s not to love?

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lead-managerLet our automated software simplify your sales process.  Sign up for a 30-day FREE trial of our lead management software and turn more leads into customers with less work!

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What tasks could you focus on if you used sales automation software? Comment below to let us know!