Do you have a list of people or businesses that you are calling on?  Are you working events? Are you buying internet leads or lists? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, when you call or follow up with any of these contacts, a call script to reference can make a huge difference.  You might not always want to read the script word for word but having something for your callers to reference is very beneficial.   First off, you will want to make sure you are asking for the correct person and/or position of person within your script.  Getting to the correct person to talk to is the first steps or you could be wasting your time and/or selling the wrong person.  Also, it important that the call script is geared toward that source of the leads and/or the campaign that you have setup.  For example, if you collected leads at a minor league baseball game, you would want to mention something related to the game.   These are just a couple tips on how your script should be structured.  We suggest doing some role-playing, developing a series of scripts and other techniques when putting together a script or set of questions.

A call script also works hand-in-hand with sales lead management software.  When you are calling a lead, you can not only reference a call script but the history of your past conversations are there as well.

The Blitz software has these tools built into the system.  Blitz allows you to:

  • Add call scripts to each campaign of leads.  The call script will display on the lead log history screen for the callers.
  • Add questions to each campaign.  The questions will paste into the history box before saving and so the caller can add the answer right now.

The call script and questions are displayed within the lead log history screen of the lead.  This allows callers to be able to reference the script, questions and history of the lead all on one page.