The integration of Blitz Lead Management Software and Robo-Agent is very exciting for Allstate agents. Robo-Agent is a suite of a proactive  and powerful auto-quoting tools that interface with Alliance (AllState).  This allows leads, quotes, and re-quotes to be added/associated within Blitz automatically.

There are multiple ways to use Robo-Agent and Blitz Lead Manager together:

  1. Robo-Agent to Blitz: Your lead list can be run through Robo-Agent and then exported into Blitz Lead Manager.  In this case a new lead will be added into Blitz Lead Manager and have the quote added into the lead history.  All leads in Blitz that come from Robo-Agent will have a control number.
  2. Blitz to Robo-Agent: Your lead list can be exported out of Blitz Lead Manager and run through Robo-Agent.  At the end of the Robo-Agent process, the leads can be exported to Blitz Lead Manager which will update the current leads within Blitz Lead Manager.
  3. Re-Quoting: If you have leads within Blitz Lead Manager that already have a control number, these can be exported and re-quoted through Robo-Agent.  Blitz will then be updated with all the history and quote history for each lead.