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Create Users
  • Create additional users for your account.   Managing Users Blog Post Managing Users BlitzTV video
  • Add/Subtract user licenses.   Related Blog Post

Add Leads To Blitz Adding Leads Blog Post
  • Setup web lead integrations so leads automatically come into Blitz.   blogicon Web Lead Setup Configuration
    • Have your web leads auto assigned to your users.  Auto Assign Web Leads
  • Import a list of leads from CSV spreadsheet.  Import Leads From Spreadsheet Blog Post Import Leads Video
    • Optionally Add a lead source for you file before importing. Configure Lead Sources Video
    • Convert Excel Spreadsheet Into CSV format.   Covert Excel to CSV Blog Post Covert Excel to CSV Blog Post
    • Does your file have separate first and last name columns?   Separate First and Last Name Columns Blog Post
  • Manually add a lead to a campaign. Manually Adding A Lead Blog Post Add A Lead Video
    • You will need to add a campaign before you can add the lead Add A Campaign Video
    • Optionally Add a lead source for your lead before adding. Configure Lead Sources Video
Searching For Leads
  • You can search for leads using the Quick Search or Lead List filters. Search Sort And Filter Blog Post Searching Video
Record Activity
  • Edit details of a lead.  Update Lead Details Video
  • Add History to a lead.  Add Lead History Video
  • Create a sales opportunity for a lead.  Sales Opportunity Video
  • Send an Email to Lead/Schedule a follow up for a lead.  Lead Log Overview Video
  • Every page contains links to Help Support BlitzTV
    • Support Link – Ask a question or report an issue with Blitz
    • Help Link – Text based instructions on each page
    • BlitzTV Link – Links to videos that are related to the page you are on.
  • Watch recorded web presentations.
  • Schedule one on one web presentation training session.
  • What is a Neglected Lead?
    • A Neglected Lead is a lead that has a scheduled follow up that has passed and no history has been added to the lead. To remove a neglected lead from the list, simply add history to the lead. Neglected Leads Blog Post Neglected Leads Video
  • What is an Opportunity?
    • An Opportunity is sales opportunity. You would create a sales opportunity to track your sales pipeline and apply a dollar value to a lead. Sales Opportunity Video
  • How do I add a Lead?
  • How do I schedule a follow up, meeting, or task for a lead?
    • Open the Lead Log for the lead from the Lead List page.
    • Click the Schedule tab.
    • Click Add new record.
    • Fill out the information for the follow up in the Add Appointment window.
    • In the Attendees box, check all users you would like to be assigned to this appointment.
    • Click the Save button. The appointment will be added to your schedule and any other attendees you may have selected.
  • What is the difference between a Lead Milestone and a Lead Status?
    • Milestones are tracked points that occur during the sales process. Each milestone that is triggered is stored in Blitz. The milestones that have been triggered for a lead can be seen on the Lead Log by clicking the “Show Milestones” check-box. Only the current status is stored for a lead. So anything that you wish to track should be made a milestone.
  • Does the Schedule in Blitz integrate with Outlook, Lotus Notes, or Google Calendar?
    • Outlook 2007+, Google Calendar, and Lotus Notes 8.5+ – The Blitz Schedule can be added as an external iCalendar feed to Outlook 2007 or later, Google Calendar, and Lotus Notes 8.5 or later.  Setup iCalendar Feed Blog Post Schedule To Outlook Video
    • You can also configure email reminders for your appointments. The email reminders can be sent to any email account.
    • Outlook web mail –  Outlook web-mail does not support configuring external iCalenadar feeds.
  • How do I find a lead in Blitz?
    • There are several ways to find a lead. You can use the Quick Search in the upper right of most pages and search on part of the name, contact name, zip code, email, or phone number. You can also use the filter options on the lead list. Select “All Campaigns” or the campaign the lead is in and then click the “Show Filter Options”. You can then use any of the filter boxes to search for the lead. Search Sort And Filter Blog Post Searching Video
  • What is a Quick Add?
    • The Blitz Sales Follow-Up software offers configurable Lead Log Quick Add’s.  A Lead Log Quick Add allows you to quickly log notes and schedule follow ups without any manual entry.   There will be a drop-down of all your Lead Log Quick Add’s on the Lead Log history screen.  Just by selecting the option within the drop-down, the history will be entered and if configured, a scheduled follow up and an email reminder can be set. Quick Add Blog Post Quick Add Video