Newsletter – September 2013

Happy autumn from Blitz Lead Manager! We’re excited to announce CallFire as our partner of the month. CallFire, an auto dialer, provides its agents with an smart way to increase the efficiency of their calls. The integration between CallFire and Blitz Lead Manager enhances agents’ lead management by providing them with the best of both systems. Below you’ll find additional information about CallFire, as well as news, announcements, and tips that will improve your use of Blitz’s Web-Based Contact Management Software.

Partner of the Month:

Blitz CRM software







CallFire is a Santa Monica auto dialer dedicated to providing high-availability systems, intuitive user interfaces, furious developer support, and unparalleled customer care. CallFire provides voice and text connectivity to over 100,000 small businesses, nonprofits, political groups, insurance agents, and marketers.

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News & Announcements:

Enhancement to CallFire Integration

Blitz Lead Management Software and CallFire‘s integration has been updated, creating a seamless transfer of leads from Blitz to Call Fire.  Users are now able to choose and call leads directly from Blitz using the autodialing function of their CallFire account.

My Profile Update

The calendar can now be viewed by appointment type.  Check boxes have been added to the top right of the calendar within the Schedule tab, enabling users to hide/show different types of appointments.  This is useful for prioritizing appointments, cleaning up the view when only focusing on meetings, etc.

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Did you know…

Blitz’s simple contact management software can completely replace your CRM system?
Using Blitz means that you have no need for ten other sales tools. Our comprehensive lead tracking software has all the same functions as a drip email systempolicy management system, and an online CRM system.

Why choose Blitz sales software over a CRM system?

Call Scripts in Blitz ensure that our clients are prepared for calls?

Call scripts and pre-defined questions in Blitz Lead Manager ensure our clients the smoothest phone conversations. Like cue cards, call scripts and questions within Blitz give clients a reference to use while on the phone.

In what ways can I use call scripts in Blitz?

Blitz is better at managing your contacts than an email system?
Blitz’s primary function is to be the ultimate lead-tracking database.  That means Blitz can store your contacts, send automatic emails to contacts, place leads on users’ schedules, and more.

What other benefits does Blitz have over an email system?

You can add a Blitz software shortcut to your iPhone?
Since Blitz Lead Management Software is web based, you are easily able to access your information anywhere, anytime.  Users are able to add new leads, check their schedule, and access information at events or on the road by simply clicking an icon on their mobile device.

How can I set up Blitz’s software shortcut on my mobile device?

Appointment invites from Blitz can help you get more appointments?
Appointment invitations are invites you can send to your leads right from Blitz. Instead of opening your email in a different tab to send an appointment invitation, Blitz’s web-based system gives you the option to send emails right from our system, saving you time in your busy work day.

Where can I find out more about appointment invites?

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