Newsletter – September 2012

Welcome to Blitz Lead Manager’s September 2012 Newsletter!  We are happy to announce a new partner this month, Lightspeed Voice.  Our integration with this company is giving our customers an edge when dealing with leads and customers by linking their accounts to their phone lines.  You can read more about this exciting integration below.  Also be sure to check out our “Did you know…” section for helpful tips and information.  Thanks to your feedback, we are able to continue making our program better for our clients!

Partner Spotlight:

PrismPBX’s cloud based platform enables companies to combine multiple locations or connect remote personnel to one unified system.  All communications are powered by multiple data centers, and are not disrupted by local power or internet interruptions.  PrismPBX offers over 40 built-in features, including their highly rated voice service and unlimited local and long distance to the entire United States and other parts of the world.
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News & Announcements:

Blitz is integrated with Lightspeed Voice’s PrismPBX
With this integration, Blitz Lead Management Software users are able to link their Blitz accounts to their phone lines for faster and easier customer service.  When picking up an incoming call, Blitz automatically opens the corresponding Lead Log, preventing any need for searching.  Employees no longer will deal with delays or confusion when answering phone calls to help their leads or customers.  This automated lead tracking process guarantees every lead and customer will always be updated in Blitz, preventing leads from falling through the cracks.
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Did you know…

The difference between email marketing and spamming?

Email addresses gathered from events, current customers, internet lead providers, or other sources that can provide interested and current prospects are the ones you should be advertising to.  Sending unsolicited mass emails to purchased lists of leads is considered spamming because those lists are often filled with old and nonexistent email addresses, and even spam traps.  Sending emails to leads who have not opted into receiving them is against Blitz Lead Manager’s Terms and Conditions.

Am I using Blitz’s email service correctly?

How to add in-house telemarketing leads?

Many companies are using the Blitz web form to enable their telemarketer to add leads to Blitz without actually having to log into the system.  It can even be set up to automatically assign the lead to a producer in your office and put it on their schedule, just like our web lead integrations.

How do I set this up?

How Blitz aids the lead management cycle?
The lead management cycle can vary between types of businesses, each company having their own unique process.  However, the basic structure remains the same: Gather leads, distribute leads, qualify & prioritize, nurture & track, and reevaluate.  Blitz has tools set in place for each of these major stages in the lead management cycle.
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How to create an effective lead management program for your office?
Statistically, most new leads are not sales ready.  Setting up a lead management program to nurture leads is essential to keep your business growing.  Nurturing leads is a tough art to master, and requires trial and error, good communication in your office, and the right tools to aid the lead tracking process.
7 tips for effective lead management

How to define your hiring process when using Blitz for staffing?

Moving applicants quickly through the hiring process can be simplified by clearly identifying your process and using an applicant tracking software to minimize the use of paper.  Blitz Applicant Tracking Software gives you the ability to define your hiring process and track the progression of applicants through the various stages.  By doing this you can not only keep your staff more organized and on task, but it gives you the opportunity to see what is working and what isn’t.

How can I define this?

How to narrow down top candidates using Blitz for staffing?

Using Blitz Applicant Tracking Software as opposed to paper applications and files can save a huge amount of time narrowing down candidates.  Instead of taking hours reading every application, Blitz users are able to easily filter applicants’ information and qualifications to find a smaller list that meets the custom criteria they are looking for.

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How to automate your hiring process?

Workflow can be completely customized to help move applicants through the hiring process quickly and easily.  Send out automated emails, automate scheduling and reminders for your staff, keep applications current, and go paperless with this easy system.  Applying Workflow to your Blitz account can save your staff time and energy, and keep them organized and on task while working with candidates.

How to set up Workflow

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