Newsletter – October 2013

Happy Halloween from Blitz Lead Manager! We’ve been looking forward to announcing 4FreeQuotes as our partner of the month. 4FreeQuotes, a lead generator, provides its agents with high quality leads. Blitz Lead Manager’s integration with 4FreeQuotes improves agents’ sale-closing abilities by providing them with Blitz’s cutting-edge features combined with the valuable leads generated by 4FreeQuotes. Below you’ll find additional information about 4FreeQuotes, as well as news, announcements, and tips to enhance your experience with Blitz’s Web-Based Lead Management Software.

Partner of the Month:






4FreeQuotes is a lead generator that provides affordable insurance rates and quotes from companies offering lower, more competitive premiums. They work to instantly match customers’ request with insurance agents, companies and brokers, and quotes are available in all 50 states. Not only do they support home and auto insurance leads, but also motorcycle, health, business, and many more.

Learn more here

News & Announcements:

Blitz Lead Manager and Detroit Trading Company Integrate

The new integration between Blitz Lead Management software and Detroit Trading Company provides users with a powerful process to manage their Internet finance leads.

New Integration Between Blitz Lead Management Software and 4FreeQuotes

Blitz Contact Management and 4FreeQuotes integrate; combining front line sales contact management software with a top insurance lead generator.

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Did you know…

Filtering leads in Blitz improves your lead tracking?

Blitz’s filtering tool lets you track your leads with ease. Breaking down filters into specific categories, even categories you create, gives you flexibility in your lead tracking. Also, the ability to filter makes prospecting a new lead list simple.

How can I use the filter tool to improve my lead tracking?
Managing duplicate leads in Blitz is easy?

A spreadsheet doesn’t have the capability to alert you of duplicated leads. Fortunately for you, Blitz Lead Manager does. Our intelligent contact management sales software searches for leads and brings them to your attention so you can avoid paying for contacts more than once.

In what ways can I manage duplicate leads?

You can quickly and effortlessly assign leads in Blitz?

Blitz lead management software makes assigning leads a straightforward task. As an administrator, all you have to do is set up your preferences once and let our sales system take the job from there.

Where can I learn more about assigning leads in Blitz?

There are a few tips you can employ to avoid the warning emails from Blitz?
Blitz Contact Management’s email policy requires that all emails sent out in an email campaign have a 95% deliverability rate. If the deliverability rate of your email campaign is low, Blitz will send you warning email reminding you of our email policy.

Click here to learn how to improve your emails’ deliverability rate

There are many resources you can turn to when training others on how to use Blitz software?

Training your employees on how to use Blitz lead management software is a simple process, not only because the format is so intuitive, but also because there are many resources you can turn to.  WebinarsBlitzTV, and Blitz Blog make learning Blitz a cinch and help our users get the most out of their contact management software so they can quickly get back to their main goal: tracking leads.

Where can I find out more about Blitz’s resources?

Blitz Resources

Blitz Lead Manager Blog                                   BlitzTV

BlitzTVContact us                                                      User Training Video

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