Newsletter – October 2012

Welcome to Blitz Lead Manager’s October 2012 Newsletter!  This month we are excited to announce two new partnerships: CareerBuilder and Hometown Quotes.  The CareerBuilder integration means huge things for employers using Blitz for hiring and staffing- businesses are now able to search, filter and save from the CareerBuilder database directly from their Blitz account.  This saves a lot of time spent transferring data back and forth.  With the Hometown Quotes integration, agents using this lead provider can now configure their leads to come in automatically to Blitz.  No more copying and pasting!  More details about both partnerships can be found below, along with some helpful tips and resources.

Partner of the Month:

hometown quotes

Hometown Quotes is a leading provider of real-time quality insurance leads, developed by agents for agents.  They have 60 years of insurance experience driving their marketing and service.  Agents are able to pick and choose the leads they are receiving based on their needs and current marketing strategies.  Leads are always delivered with no delay, so agents can reach them immediately.

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News & Announcements:

Blitz is integrated with CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is the largest employment website in the United States, with over 24 million visitors per month.  CareerBuilder gives employers exposure to ideal candidates, provides powerful screening tools, and access to the latest recruitment tips and hiring insights.  This partnership allows Blitz Lead Management Software users to search the CareerBuilder database directly from their Blitz account.  Businesses are able to filter, locate, select, and transfer applicants to a campaign within Blitz with the resume and details attached.  Once applicants have been stored in Blitz, they can be added to a custom automated workflow to move them through the application process quickly and effectively.

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Blitz is integrated with Hometown Quotes

Hot new leads generated by Hometown Quotes are able to automatically drop into Blitz Lead Manager.  If configured, a confirmation email can be automatically sent to the prospect, and the lead can be automatically assigned to a producer and put on their schedule to call right away.  This automated lead tracking process saves agencies time and helps them contacts leads even faster, ultimately increasing their sales.

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Did you know…

How to effectively set up an email marketing plan?

Have you been sending out automated emails or large email blasts, and not getting the results you were hoping for?  Many businesses aren’t spending enough time on the actual content of their emails, and are making mistakes that leave many of their messages unread or marked as SPAM.  Click the link below for 7 tips on effective email marketing.

How can I improve my email marketing program?

What the statistics say about following up with leads?

Different companies and different leads can be, well… different!  However, there are several methods that are universal for any business looking to increase their sales and retain more customers.  The link below provides an infographic which lays out the best days to make contact, the best times to make contact, why response time is important, and how many times you should be attempting contact.

Lead Management Best Practices

How to reach more leads by using mobile marketing?

With the growth of technology, businesses and clients are on the move and are relying more and more on mobile phones to effectively communicate.  As your client base evolves, it is imperative to evolve with them or you may be missing out on a lot of opportunities.  Using a lead management software, like Blitz, that easily integrates with your mobile phone can help you reach more people in a shorter amount of time.

Check out the infographic

How to add a Blitz shortcut to your mobile phone?

Since Blitz Lead Management Software is web based, you are able to easily access your information anywhere, anytime.  Users are able to add new leads, check their schedule, access information, etc. at events or on the road by simply clicking an icon on their smart phone.

How can I set this up?

What the key differences are between Blitz and a policy management system you may already be using?

Why do you need another program if you already have a policy management system?  The answer is simple.  The programs are designed for two different things!  Would you use photo editing program to write a document?  Sometimes you simply need to have separate programs that are meant for separate tasks.

10 differences between Blitz and your policy management system


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