Newsletter – November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving from Blitz Lead Manager! We’re excited to be announcing the Lead Company as November’s partner of the month. The Lead Company, an insurance lead generator, generates the highest quality leads for its agents. Blitz Lead Manager and the Lead Company’s new integration accelerates agents’ lead tracking abilities by combining Blitz’s automated features with the valuable leads generated by the Lead Company. Below you’ll find additional information about the Lead Company, as well as news, announcements, and tips to improve your usage of Blitz’s Web-Based Lead Management Software.

Partner of the Month:

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The Lead Company offers a 100% free referral service to consumers in search of auto, home, life and health insurance. They strive to connect consumers with the perfect insurance agent or company. Through their quality screening process, consumers searching for quotes online are delivered in real-time to local agents specializing in the exact needs of the individual.

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News & Announcements:

Blitz Contact Management Software Enhances its Real-Time Notifications

With real-time notifications in Blitz Web-based Contact Management Software, sales representatives are the first to know when new leads enter the system.

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Did you know…

You can use Blitz to keep your sales team on track?

Blitz Web-Based Contact Manager has all the tools you need to monitor your staff’s activities. Read the following three methods to ensure that your employees are working to the best of their abilities.

How can I use Blitz to keep an eye on my sales team?

Text message alerts from Blitz mobilize your lead tracking?

Blitz Contact Manager is now capable of alerting you by text message once a lead falls into the system. Since many of our customers aren’t always in an area with Internet or near a computer with access to their email, having text alerts allows our mobile users to keep in contact with their new leads even when they’re away from their desks.

In what ways can I use text alerts?

Blitz makes it easy to manage users?

While getting users set up in other things can be difficult (think about adding different users on your desktop), adding and managing users within Blitz sales software couldn’t be a simpler process.

Where can I learn more about managing users in Blitz?

There are many reasons why the sales industry is the best?

November is the season of Thanksgiving; the time when we give extra thanks for our families, friends, and health. For some of us, our jobs’ perks give us even more reason to be thankful. In addition to relative stability, a sales representative job comes with a whole list of added bonuses.

What are the other perks of being in sales?

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