Newsletter – March 2014

Welcome to Blitz Lead Manager‘s March 2014 Newsletter.  Has this year been flying by, or it just us?  We are excited to announce new settings available in Blitz, and appreciate all the feedback that allows up to continue making important and effective enhancements.  Also, be sure to check out our partner of the month, TRI Marketing for quality pre-qualified insurance leads.  The contacts will drop automatically into Blitz Lead Manager to ensure maximum contact and follow up.

Partner of the Month:


TRI is in it’s 16th year of providing lead generation services to the insurance industry. They offer programs to fit individual agents and corporate marketing department needs. TRI supplies agents with exclusive leads, offering services such as Auto & Home Lead generation, Allstate Benefits Appointment setting, Commercial Auto Leads, etc. If you’re an agent looking for quality leads, you’ve just found your new lead generation service. Give one of their friendly customer service representatives a call today to find out more information!

Click here to learn more

News & Announcements:

New settings available in Blitz Lead Manager

Blitz has added a few new enhancements to the system this month:

  • Users are now able to set a default schedule view for their calendar.  Choose between day, week, month, or timeline.
  • An “assigned on” column is now available on the lead list.  This allows users to sort and filter by the date the lead was last assigned to someone.
  • Lead tags can now be hidden from the “Add Tag” dropdown within the lead log for a cleaner view.

Read more here: Blitz Lead Manager Release Notes 3/7/2014

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Did you know…

How to add referral leads to Blitz?

Blitz’s web form can easily bring in leads from outside referral sources.  When the form is filled out, the lead is automatically assigned to a sales rep and put on their schedule to follow up.  Leads that aren’t followed up with will become neglected, preventing anyone from falling through the cracks.

How can I set up a referral form?


How to reset your password in Blitz?

Can’t log in?  Click the link below for simple instructions on resetting your password:

Reset Password


How to create an email signature in Blitz?

Automatically including your contact information at the bottom of emails from Blitz Lead Manager makes it easier for leads to get in touch and also saves you time in typing out a new signature every time.

How do I create my own signature?


Users in Blitz are able to customize their homepage?

Each user in Blitz is able to customize their homepage to fit their particular duties.  Being able to personalize this makes it easier for users to stay on task and find what they are looking for.

How can I do this?


The calendar view in Blitz can be customized?

Blitz allows users to customize how the calendar is displayed.  Since each user handles their day differently, it makes sense to adjust these settings to fit how they prioritize and complete tasks.  Customize the date range, view only certain types of appointments, set a default schedule view, and more.

How do I customize the schedule?


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