Newsletter – June 2013

Happy summer from Blitz Lead Manager! We are excited to announce Cole X-Dates as June’s partner of the month. Cole X-Dates provides quality lead lists that can easily be imported into Blitz Lead Management’s system. The partnership between Cole X-Dates and Blitz Lead Manager empowers agents to tackle their lead lists in the most effective ways. Below you will find more information on Cole X-Dates, as well as news, announcements, and tips that will help you make the most out of Blitz Lead Management software.

Partner of the Month:

lead list provider



Cole X-Dates helps insurance agents with their targeted marketing campaign by equipping them with comprehensive lead lists and empowering them to find new customers. Their in-house files contain mailing addresses and landline phone numbers on 130 million households and 19 million businesses across the country.

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News & Announcements:

Multi-Action Feature

Blitz Lead Management Software has added a new multi-action feature, allowing users to tag and move up to 50 leads simultaneously.  This powerful new feature makes it simple to reorganize, update, assign, and recycle a mass number of leads.

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Did you know…

Email templates in Blitz make it easier for you to conquer your lead campaigns?

With the Workflow add-on in Blitz’s web based software, you can automatically send individual emails, automated drip emails, and email blasts. Blitz Lead Management also allows you to personalize your emails and check out how you’re doing with email reports.

How can I make the most out of email templates?

You can manage leads on the go?

In keeping up with the times, Blitz Lead Management Software’s mobile system allows its users access to Blitz Lead Manager on any mobile device. The mobile version of Blitz Lead Manager benefits those smart phone and tablet users who are constantly on the go. Blitz mobile works directly from mobile devices with 4G or Wi-Fi capabilities, meaning that Blitz Lead Management users can take the system with them anywhere on the road.

Where can I learn more about Blitz Mobile?

Blitz’s opportunities feature can prevent leaks in your sales pipeline?

If your company isn’t taking advantage of the opportunities feature in Blitz lead management software, you’re missing out. Recording opportunities within Blitz is a crucial step to great sales–giving users insight on which lead sources, products, or employees are generating the most sales for the company. Not only is it crucial to take advantage of this feature within Blitz, but Blitz also makes keeping track of opportunities incredibly easy.

How can I find this information?

Lead pop functionality within Blitz can increase productivity?

Lead pop, a VoIP technology, conveniently reads incoming calls and automatically opens the corresponding lead log. With the lead pop feature in Blitz, you can be sure you’ll never find yourself scrambling for potential customer’s notes—essentially eliminating any confusion or delays within the call.

Where can I learn more?

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