Newsletter – June 2012

Welcome to Blitz Lead Manager’s monthly Newsletter!  We are happy to announce many new and exciting changes this month. We have new Workflow capabilities, new partners, and updates to existing features.  We also are introducing our partner spotlight from the insurance industry, Quote Wizard.  Quote Wizard leads can automatically be added to your Blitz account, assigned to a user and added to their schedule automatically.

Partner Spotlight:

QuoteWizard offers high-quality Auto, Home, Renter, and Life leads to over 4,000 agents nationwide. Come join our rapidly expanding agent base and receive up to $100 in free leads with our Platinum Package! Hurry, offer expires June 30, 2012.
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News & Announcements:

HBW Integration
This integration allows HBW to deliver real time high quality leads directly into Blitz Lead Management Software. The leads can be automatically emailed, assigned to a producer, and added to the producer’s schedule. This guarantees that the interested prospects are being contacted right away, jump starting the lead tracking process. This automated process saves agencies the extra time it takes to manually assign prospects to the staff.
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Automatic Re-quoting
Robo-Agent First Impressions users: Automatic re-quoting is here!  Blitz has added a new Workflow action that automatically sends leads to First Impressions to be re-quoted.  This can be prior to a contract date (x-date) or whenever you choose.  Once First Impressions successfully requotes the lead, they will send an email to the lead with the new quote. Also, the new quote will be recorded in Blitz as it currently does today with any of the Robo-Agent quotes.  Since this functionality is part of Workflow, an automatic follow-up appointment could be added to the assigned users schedule as well.
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Import History Notes

You can now import history notes from a spreadsheet or web form.  This gives users the ability to import an unlimited amount of information into Blitz, and lets telemarketers and interested prospects add additional notes and information when submitting a web form.
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Email Report
The email report allows administrators to view totals of emails that have been delivered or bounced within a selected date range.  Totals are also available for emails marked as spam, emails that have been opened, and number of clicked links within the emails. Click here to learn more

New Web Leads Email Notification
Within My Profile, an option has been added to be notified of new web leads via email.  When enabled, you will be notified about all web leads, regardless of who they are assigned to.
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Upcoming Training Sessions:

Blitz offers FREE training sessions for Professional Edition users. During the month of June, trainings will be held each Tuesdays & Thursdays at 11:00am EST & 3:00pm EST!

To join a training session call the conference line and click the link below and join as a guest.
Conference Line: 570-381-0281 Pass Code: 25489#

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Did you know…

Blitz Workflow can be completely customized
Workflow has four core functions: sending automatic emails, automatically scheduling appointments, automatically incrementing contract dates, and automatically re-quoting (Insurance – First Impressions users). These functions can be customized to happen when you want.
How can I customize Workflow?

Leads can be automatically contacted at any step of your sales process
By using the milestone trigger, Workflow can be configured to automatically send emails and schedule appointments a custom number of days after any given milestone was reached.
How can I configure milestone triggers?

A Workflow can be for a specific campaign or group of campaigns
The workflow campaign filter gives businesses the ability to to send emails that apply to entire lists of leads. This allows you to define a specific set of actions to occur for a specific targeted audience.
How can I use the campaign filter? 

If you have First Impressions, you also have access to the Robo-Agent Virtual Terminal
With Robo’s Virtual Terminal, leads can be quoted one at a time and dropped into Blitz automatically with the quote attached. First Impressions users can set this up in Web Lead Setup the same way they set up any other lead providers in Blitz.
How do I set this up?

You can generate leads using Blitz’s web form
Blitz Lead Management Software’s web form functionality can be used to generate leads by adding a form to your website or Facebook page that links back to your Blitz account. When someone fills out the form, their information is automatically dropped into Blitz, instantly creating a new lead for your staff to work! Businesses are also using web forms to quickly add leads to Blitz at events on their smart phone or tablet without having to log into Blitz.
How do I create a web form? 

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