Newsletter – January 2013

Welcome to Blitz Sales Follow-Up‘s January 2013 Newsletter!  We are excited to introduce our partner of the month, Fonality.  Anyone who uses both Fonality and Blitz are able to create a lead pop for incoming calls – meaning when a lead calls in, the corresponding lead log will pop up on your computer.  This prevents any searching or delays during your phone call.  Below you will also find a new enhancement, and tips to help you best utilize your account.  Blitz always provides free training and support, so feel free to call us with any questions!

Partner of the Month:

Fonality is the only leading provider of business phone and contact center systems designed specifically for small-to-medium sized businesses. Fonality is the only provider who can deliver the same user experience in the cloud (hosted) or on-premise, with innovative features that help small businesses save time, communicate more efficiently and reduce costs. Speed, simplicity and affordable solutions give your business a competitive edge. And the same qualities in your communications capabilities are imperative to help grow your business. We can help develop a solution for your business no matter the size, from the small office to the enterprise.

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News & Announcements:

Quick Adds Enhancement
We have added an enhancement to Lead Log Quick Adds allowing them to be used without updating the status of the lead.  This gives users the ability to use Quick Adds to simply add appointments or quick notes without worrying about the status of the lead changing.

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Did you know…

Blitz is always actively seeking and adding new partners?
To make life easier for our users, we strive to integrate with new companies that our customers are using to save them time and energy with extra data entry, searching, or switching screens.  Blitz is integrated with many top lead providers, auto-dialing systems, auto-quoting systems, VOIP providers, telemarketing companies, and more.
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Blitz can generate sales projections?
A sales projection is an estimation of your potential sales for a specific timeframe. Blitz provides projections organized by type (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, yearly), category (product or service), and by user. To attain projections, you must be using the opportunities feature to record prospective sales opportunities as they arise.
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You can track which lead sources, products, or employees are generating the most sales?
Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software has the ability to track sales opportunities, and can group, filter, and sort them using any criteria you choose. This tool is often used to gauge which lead sources, products, or employees are generating the most sales within your company.
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iPhone users can feed their Blitz calendar into their iCal?
iPhone iOS 3.0 and above supports the ability to add a calendar from a iCal (.ics) web URL.  Simply grab the URL from your Blitz profile, add it to a new calendar account in your iPhone, and receive a read-only version of your calendar to view on the go.
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