Newsletter – December 2012

Happy Holidays from Blitz Lead Manager!  Blitz continues to make enhancements and bring on new partners to make lead management simpler than ever for your business.  We are excited to announce December’s partner of the month, Underground Elephant, who provides quality leads that can automatically drop into Blitz Lead Manager.  This integration helps users contact leads faster and save time on data entry and other time consuming tasks.  Below you will also find information about a new partner, Fonality, as well as important tips and resources to help you make the most out of your account.

Partner of the Month:

Underground Elephant

Underground Leads is a direct source lead provider. They control the entire traffic funnel from start to finish, and do not use any affiliates or 3rd parties to generate their leads. The result is higher contact rates, quotes, and closing ratios. Additionally, leads are sold a maximum of 2x to protect the consumer experience, and drive more sales for all of their customers.

Learn more here

News & Announcements:

Blitz Lead Manager and Fonality VoIP are now integrated

By integrating Fonality and Blitz Lead Management Software, you are able to connect your Fonality phone line to your Blitz account.  When picking up an incoming call, Blitz will automatically open the corresponding Lead Log on your computer.  This enables you to immediately help the lead without any confusion or interruptions for simple lead tracking.

Click here for setup instructions

Click here for more information about Fonality

Did you know…

How to use social media to increase business?
Businesses are beginning to realize that more and more of their target audience is using social media to communicate rather than email, phone, and mail.  Adapting to this new wave of technology and social structure doesn’t need to be difficult- just follow a few key guidelines on reaching potential customers, and make sure they have a simple way to get back to you.
10 ways to improve social media marketing

Which reports to run when using Blitz for applicant tracking?
Part of establishing an effective hiring strategy is the ability to track different aspects of your current process and make improvements where necessary.  Blitz Lead Manager’s applicant tracking system gives businesses the flexibility to track and run reports based on any criteria or activities they choose.
5 reports to be aware of

The correct way to utilize marketing automation?
Using an automated marketing system, such as Blitz Lead Management Software’s Workflow, saves businesses time and energy that can be refocused on other important tasks in the office.  However, saving time and energy doesn’t always equate to more sales.  When setting up an automated system, it is crucial to be aware of how automated you’re really getting.
Where should you draw the line?

How to track your staff activity in Blitz?
Every action in Blitz is recorded, and with a little knowledge, you can use this information to stay on top of your office like never before.  Blitz is set up so that you can monitor whether users are following up with leads and using the system correctly, making them completely accountable for anything they do (or don’t do).
How to monitor what’s going on

The difference between using a lead management software and a spreadsheet?
Many offices begin their contact and lead management by using an Excel spreadsheet or something similar.  Once their business grows, a spreadsheet simply does not have the tools to manage a large amount of contacts, appointments, and other activities.
Why make the switch?

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