Newsletter – August 2013

Happy National Picnic Month from Blitz Lead Manager! We’re excited to announce that VoiceWalker is August’s partner of the month. VoiceWalker administers an affordable VoIP phone service to businesses. The integration between VoiceWalker and Blitz Lead Manager improves businesses’ lead tracking by preparing users for every incoming call. Below you’ll find additional information about VoiceWalker, as well as news, announcements, and tips that will enhance your experience with Blitz Lead Management Software.

Partner of the Month:

simple contact management software





VoiceWalker is a full service telecommunications provider; it has its own in-house billing, customer service and provisioning groups. It does not “outsource” any of these services. VoiceWalker and its affiliated companies have grown to provide services to an excess of 26,000 customers nationwide and currently offer service in all 50 states.

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News & Announcements:

Text Message Alerts

Blitz Contact Manager has added text message alerts for new web leads and web form leads.  Users will still receive the email alert in addition to the text message.  Message and data rates may apply from your mobile service provider.

Schedule Enhancements

The calendar can now be viewed by appointment type.  Check boxes have been added to the top right of the calendar within the Schedule tab, enabling users to hide/show different types of appointments.  This is useful for prioritizing appointments, cleaning up the view when only focusing on meetings, etc.

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Did you know…

Setting up pre-formulated questions in Blitz can improve your lead tracking?
Blitz’s contact management system allows users to enter in questions, and even call scripts, for leads in a campaign. Users can reference these questions and scripts during phone calls, ensuring that they won’t forget what to say.

In what ways can I use questions in Blitz?

Quick Adds from Blitz help users quickly work through their lead list?
The Quick Add functionality from Blitz allows users to add notes, update leads’ dispositions, and schedule follow-ups, all with one click. Clients find that they can rapidly move through their lead lists because entering in notes on leads takes only a few seconds.

Where can I find out more about the Quick Add Functionality?

Blitz’s simple contact management software can completely replace your drip email system?
Blitz has full lead tracking and email capabilities. You don’t need a zillion different systems to get the job done right. Blitz helps you do both lead management and drip email campaigns, all in one place.

What other features does Blitz share with drip email systems?

Blitz Lead Manager makes your need for a policy management system nonexistent?
A policy management system has limited customizations while customization in Blitz is virtually unlimited, giving you complete control over your lead tracking and follow-up procedures. You get to decide what information appears with contacts, which users can work with which contacts, and much more.

Where can I learn more about Blitz’s management features?

Insurance agents prefer Blitz insurance crm software?
We recently conducted an interview with an established insurance agent to see what he thought about Blitz insurance CRM software.

Read more about the interview here.

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