Newsletter – August 2012

It’s been an exciting month here at Blitz Lead Manager!  Blitz continues to be enhanced to better meet the need of our customers- full details can be found in our release notes, and in the News & Announcements below.  We also have a new partnership with eAgent, streamlining the sales process for insurance agents using both systems.  Once leads are marked “sold” (the milestone can be chosen by the agent), leads will automatically transfer to the eAgent Agency Management System.

Partner Spotlight:

eAgent is a full-featured online agency management system that is capable of handling any line of business. Features include automated xDate and to-do reminders to individual and agency-wide reports that refresh every 60 seconds, eliminating the repetitious and time-consuming nature of maintaining and growing a book of business.

When leads are marked “sold” (or the milestone of choice) within Blitz Lead Manager, they are now able to drop automatically into eAgent.  This automated process provides a seamless workflow between lead and policy management, saving agencies work and time.  Visit eAgent’s website for more information, or view Blitz’s blog post for integration setup instructions.

News & Announcements:

eAgent Integration
Blitz Lead Management Software now has an integration with eAgent Agency Management System. A lead can now be automatically transferred to eAgent when they reach a certain milestone within Blitz (in most cases will be “Sold”). This automated process provides a seamless workflow between lead and policy management, saving agencies work and time.  Visit eAgent’s website for more information, or view Blitz’s blog post for integration setup instructions.
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My Company Enhancement
As well as the eAgent integration, the My Company page has been given a face lift to better organize your settings.  Duplicate checking and Robo-Agent/First Impressions settings have been given their own box within My Company.
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My Blitz Enhancement
Three new boxes have been added to the My Blitz homepage for both users and Administrators: My Leads by Status, My Leads by Milestone, and My Leads by Source.
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Upcoming Training Sessions:

During the month of August, Blitz offers
FREE training sessions for Professional Edition users Tuesdays & Thursdays at 11:00am EST & 3:00pm EST!

To join a training session call the conference line and click the link below and join as a guest. 

Conference Line: 570-381-0281
Pass Code: 25489#


Did you know…

Blitz can also be used for staffing?
Due to the high level of customization available in Blitz, more users are turning to Blitz for applicant recruiting and tracking as well as managing their current leads and contacts.  Why use two separate programs when you have everything you need in Blitz?  Blitz simplifies the hiring process, enabling employers to easily recruit and hire qualified candidates while managing every stage of the process.  The features in Blitz that streamline your sales process can do the same thing for staffing.
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How your Blitz account can be customized?
The ability to configure Blitz allows users to build a custom program that follows the procedures already set in place in their offices.  Users can then track progress based on this information.  Examples include: custom fields, quick adds, and products or services.
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Which tools Administrators should be utilizing in Blitz?
Being an admin in Blitz Lead Management Software is more than just importing spreadsheets and running the occasional report. In order to truly maximize employee and lead tracking, there are daily activities that can be performed to ensure your business is running at it’s highest potential.
What am I missing?

You can use Blitz’s developer API to communicate with outside forms or applications?
Blitz Lead Management Software gives you API access to add, update, or retrieve lead tracking information from your Blitz account. The most common use is dropping leads into Blitz from a form on your website.
What are the current supported operations?

Which report to run in Blitz?
Are you trying to track your leads or employees, or trying to pull certain information from your Blitz Lead Management Software account, and aren’t sure which report to run? Blitz can be used to track virtually anything you want it to, it’s just a matter of knowing where to go to find it.
Which report should I run?

You can get referrals by using Blitz’s Workflow and Web Form?
Set up a referral form to automatically send to current customers once the policy has sold. This gives your customers an easy way to send out the information to their friends and family, and it simplifies the process for the new prospect as well. When the referral receives the email, they simply fill out the form and all of the information will be sent directly into your Blitz account, and can even be assigned to your staff automatically and put on their schedule.
How do I set this up?

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