Newsletter – April 2014

Welcome to Blitz Lead Management Software‘s April 2014 Newsletter.  Blitz continues to provide new enhancements and partners this month.  We are excited to announce a new integration with Jangl, a lead marketplace for insurance agents, and DYL, a quality insurance lead provider.  We are also pleased to report that Google Calendar now supports your Blitz calendar, so Gmail users have even better access to appointments scheduled in Blitz, as well as enhanced notification options.  Make sure to add us on Facebook and Twitter to read these updates live!


Partner of the Month:


Fill your pipeline with a steady stream of high quality leads for a flat fee with Cole X-Dates. Now offering unlimited auto leads including VIN, agents can maximize their time and minimize their efforts with the powerful, easy to use prospecting tool. In addition to vehicle prospects, agents can also target homeowners with homeowner policies up for renewal, conduct proactive referral marketing campaigns, reach out to renters, condo owners, businesses and more! Get just in time leads with Cole X-Dates for your next direct mail or telemarketing campaign.

Learn more here


News & Announcements:


Blitz Lead Manager and Jangl are now integrated

By providing a one-stop shopping and purchasing platform across multiple verticals, Jangl provides users with more transparency, that translates into more accountability and higher quality. Agents can search by vertical, price range, mile radius, city, state or zip code – and add filters, all in one place.  Now integrated with Blitz Lead Manager, leads purchased from Jangl will automatically populate agents’ Blitz system for simple, yet powerful lead management.

Read more about the integration

Check out their website


Blitz Lead Manager and DYL are now integrated

DYL is your source for automobile, life, health or home insurance leads.  By organically generating leads, DYL provides a higher standard of top quality insurance prospects to insure the value of your potential clients and customers.  DYL allows you full control over lead delivery, custom filters, zip code preferences, and time schedules.  Now integrated with Blitz Lead Manager, leads will automatically drop into Blitz and be assigned to a producer to work.  The producer will be notified via email, and can set up text message alerts as well.

Check out their website


Google Calendar now supports your Blitz calendar

Google Calendar now supports external iCalendar feeds, allowing Blitz Lead Manager users to view their Blitz schedule from their gmail account.  Users are also able to set up text message alerts about upcoming appointments.

Click here for setup instructions


Did you know…


You can find driving directions in Blitz?

Each lead log in Blitz contains a “Directions” tab, giving both driving directions and an interactive Google map.  This can easily be printed out right from Blitz so users can quickly get to where they need to be.

Learn more here


How to ensure leads are being worked by staff?

Sure, maybe you have loaded in a ton of leads or trained your staff to do so, but are you utilizing the reports and features to ensure your staff is making the most of your leads?  A weekly login to run a couple reports from your sales software can make a colossal difference.

How can I track staff activity and goals?


How to create an “ask the expert” form on your website?

Driving traffic to your website is one thing, but getting people to actually contact you is completely different game.  For leads that might not be ready to commit, offer your expertise by creating an “ask the expert” form on your website.  You get a new lead that can be dropped into your lead nurturing program, and they receive valuable information.  Win win!

Instructions on creating a web form


Blitz can be used as a staff coaching tool?

As a manager or business owner, how can you coach your staff to utilize a new process or program?  Blitz offers built in tools that allows administrators to track sales calls either real time, or in a simple report, to help staff improve sales techniques and increase productivity.

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