Blitz Lead Manager and InsuranceLeads.com

Blitz Lead Manager has added InsuranceLeads.com as a partner.  Internet leads that are generated from InsuranceLeads.com can be automatically added into Blitz Lead Manager’s sales lead management software. This provides an improved workflow for agents and there producers because they no longer have to manually enter any leads from InsuranceLeads.com

Blitz Lead Management Software is a flexible business lead and contact management Web-based software solution that provides a repeatable process for insurance agents. This repeatable process allows agents and there producers to easily convert leads into sales. By having the lead management software structure in place this can give agents real peace of mind of know what producers are accomplishing and at the same time improving productivity.

Since its inception in 2004, InsuranceLeads.com (DBA as ITSOL Inc.) has stayed committed to being the insurance industry’s leading provider of the highest quality, targeted, real-time insurance prospects in the form of data leads and hot-transfers.

InsuranceLeads.com offers leads in a number of coverage lines, including auto, home, health, life and annuities to name a few.

InsuranceLeads.com strives to preserve and promote the opportunities for agents going forward. The bottom line is we succeed when you succeed.

For agents looking to get an upper hand on the competition, give InsuranceLeads.com a try today.  Click here to get started: http://www.insuranceleads.com/Blitz

For more information about how to configure Blitz Lead Management Software’s integrations with lead provider partners see the Web Lead Configuration video on BlitzTv.