lead management

PrismPBX’s cloud based platform enables companies to combine multiple locations or connect remote personnel to one unified system. All communications are powered by multiple data centers, and are not disrupted by local power or internet interruptions. PrismPBX offers over 40 built-in features, including their highly rated voice service and unlimited local and long distance to the entire United States and other parts of the world.

With this integration, Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software users are able to link their Blitz accounts to their phone lines for faster and easier customer service. When picking up an incoming call, Blitz automatically opens the corresponding Lead Log, preventing any need for searching. Employees no longer will deal with delays or confusion when answering phone calls to help their leads or customers. This automated lead tracking process guarantees every lead and customer will always be updated in Blitz, preventing leads from falling through the cracks.

Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software and Prism PBX’s integration also converts all phone numbers from Blitz into clickable links. This feature enables users to make outgoing calls quicker and easier, freeing up extra time to communicate with leads and customers.

This partnership is exciting for both Lightspeed and Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software. “We are excited about this integration as it provides companies even more time savings by having the leads information in front of them right away,” said Archie Heinl, President of Blitz.

For more information about Lightspeed PrismPBX, you can visit their website athttp://dev.lightspeedvoice.com/prismpbx/.

For more information about Blitz, you can contact them at (888) 470-0606 or visit their website at https://www.nowblitz.com/.