Quoting leads and processing new customers come with a lot of to-do’s.  Waiting for paperwork to go through, waiting for approval on something, the list goes on.  Blitz Lead Manager‘s tagging feature allows users to add multiple reminders to check these items off as they go, and prevent tasks from being missed.  Bonus: they can be color coded!


In the lead log shown below, notice the colored tags along the top.  This tells us that the new customer still needs to fill out the emergency contact paperwork, and the agent needs to do a home inspection.  Once these to-do’s are complete, the user can simply click the “X” on the tag to delete it.

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**NOTE:  Using tags should not replace using the schedule feature.  Be sure to still schedule follow up calls with your leads too, as this is more of a “checklist” of to-dos.


Creating tags:

Lead tags can be created custom to fit the tracking needs of any business.  In this example, we are tracking to-do’s for new customers.  However, tags could be used to mark leads “Important,” define leads as “Winback” or “Cross-sell,” and any other categories you would like to group leads by.

  1. Go to Administration > Lead Tags.
  2. Click +Add New Record to create a new tag.  You will choose a title, as well as a color to define the tag.

Adding tags:

There are two ways to add tags to leads: individually and in bulk.

  1. Adding tags to a lead individually.  This is generally used when working directly with a particular contact, such as our example above.  First, make sure “Show Tags” is checked at the top of the lead log (after it’s checked, it will say “Hide Tags”).  To add a tag, select the desired tag from the “+Add New Tag” dropdown box.
  2. Adding tags to leads in bulk.  This is used when you would like to add a tag to a group of leads at once; for example, when importing a cross sell list you may want to tag everyone “cross sell.”  This will be done directly on the lead list.Go to Leads > Lead List, select the campaign you would like to tag, and filter the list if necessary by clicking “Show Filter Options” in the dark blue bar.  Click the check boxes to the left of the leads you would like to tag (or check all at once by clicking the very top check box above the list).  At this time, a dropdown box will appear above the list that says “Add Tag,” allowing you to designate a tag to the selected leads.  (see image below)