What are the best sites for employers to find qualified job candidates?

Businesses looking to expand their staff have a lot of options when posting a job vacancy. With so many options, you might be left wondering what the best sites for employers to post jobs are. And if you are looking for your next job opportunity, you may be wondering which ones you should focus on during your job search.  Here are a couple of our top recommendations.


Indeed.com is the job board that gets the most website traffic across the entire United States. There are both free options for job postings, as well as the option to pay each time the job posting is viewed, which also places your posting at the top of search results. If you have a job opening, this website is a must.


Glassdoor.com is another great job board that also allows you as a business to get rated by current and past staff members.  If your business is new to using Glassdoor for job postings, you will get your first 10 days free.  And if you are an individual looking for a job, it can be a great resource to learn more about the company culture, salaries, and more.


LinkedIn.com does not have free job postings, but if your network is big enough you can search for candidates and contact them on your own, at no additional charge. While not free, this social media network can be a highly effective way to find job candidates.

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Jora.com is a fairly new resource for businesses wanting to fill vacancies, but is one of the best sites for employers looking to hire. Jora offers job postings for companies at no charge and their popularity is growing.

US Jobs

find.jobs is one of the best sites for employers looking to hire. The website is operated by the highly reputable National Labor Exchange. It allows you to post to state-run job board quickly and easily.


Upwork.com can be used to hire for openings for permanent full-time or part-time positions, but its niche is as a job posting website for freelance or remote employees.

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What are the best sites for employers to use when trying to fill job vacancies? Which sites are good and which ones aren’t worth the time and money to try? Our readers would love to hear from you.  Please share your thoughts and idea by commenting below.