What can you learn from some of the best sales techniques?

Sales is one of the world’s oldest professions. Before money was introduced, people bartered each other for what they needed. Then, traveling salesmen would peddle goods from around the world. With so many changes throughout history, how do you know what the best sales techniques are?

If you’re looking to emulate some of the great sellers, try to master these five sales skills.

1. Put your product in front of the masses

Before the invention of the internet or advertising options such as mail order catalogs and commercials, salespeople would travel on foot to get their product or services in front of as many people as possible.

It took dedication for a salesmen to knock on door after door just to get them slammed back in their faces. However, the salesmen didn’t give up, and some people began to listen.

The media today allows for a much easier opportunity to get your goods in front of your ideal clients. That doesn’t mean you don’t have work hard to capture their attention. Your competition is also utilizing social media, print ads, blogs, and more to capture new business. Be determined to stand out from the crowd.

Make sure your voice is heard on social media, but more importantly, create your own website and blog and use it to build your brand. Be a magnet and attract your ideal customers to you.

2. Get your foot in the door

One of the best sales techniques is to start small and build a relationship with your lead before pitching your high-priced products. You can’t get your foot in the door by pitching a million-dollar life insurance policy to a young adult fresh out of college. It’s likely that she can’t afford the premiums, and she also might not see the value, either.

However, you can create a long-term relationship with her by cross-selling a small, extremely-affordable life insurance policy at the same time as you quote her for an auto policy. If her premium only costs her the price of a few large lattes every month, she’ll see the value in the plan. As your new client’s life changes – she gets married, buys a house, has children, etc. – her needs will also grow.

Getting your foot in the door with a small plan early on, and providing excellent service the entire time she’s your client, will solidify that she does more business with you as her life expands to warrant spending more money.

3. Advertising in the media

With the introduction of new advertising on television and in print, salespeople were able to sell in a way they were never able to before. Bright colors and polished, catchy sayings sold products, not a person. Design and copywriting are important to any industry, but especially in sales.

How important is advertising in your sales routine? How often have you updated your website design, brochures, business cards, newsletter templates, commercials, or newspaper flyers?

Advertising gave salespeople a chance to test out multiple messages for their targeted audience. Of the best sales techniques, this one offers you the most freedom to try out different brand designs, product placement, and copywriting skills. Have fun with your messages. Keep your different client personas in mind when creating different types of advertising, and stick with what works for you.


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4. SPIN selling

Are you asking the right questions of your prospects? SPIN Selling is the process of using questions to identify the needs of your prospects, so that you can provide a solution with your product or services. The benefit of asking specific questions is that the seller will identify the precise pain points of the lead without guessing at his needs. The SPIN in SPIN Selling stands for:

  1. Situational Questions
  2. Problem Questions
  3. Implication Questions
  4. Need-Payoff Questions

What questions should you be asking of your leads? Come up with a standard list of questions you can ask any prospect, but remember, they aren’t a script you should be reading off. Be flexible. Know that all of your sales will progress naturally, and the questions you ask should be individualized to each client.

5. Leverage basic psychology

Consumers are complex humans with varying needs. They also tend to make decisions based on emotion. With the rise of social networking and content marketing, you have easier access to making an impression on your sales leads.

Do your research. What makes your prospects tick? What moves them throughout their days? When you’re planning out your next sales pitch, remember to consider using psychology in your sales technique.

Fear of missing out, also known as FOMO, is a relatively new term, and it has taken the sales industry by storm. Your customers want to be in the know, and when they feel like an opportunity might pass them by, they’re quick to join in. Capture their attention with a very limited-time sale. If you make a good offer, with a quick deadline, your prospects will buy.

Being nervous to miss out on an opportunity isn’t the only thing that moves consumers. Think of the entire range of human emotions. How will fear, anger, love, generosity, relief, or sadness help you make the sale?

We are in no way advocating that you manipulate your prospective customers – far from it. However, if you can identify and relate to a person’s need at that specific time, you’re bound to make the sale.

Think of it like this: you’re a mortgage broker, and a lead contacts you for help. She’s been jumping through hoops for other mortgage agencies, and now she’s anxious, annoyed, and willing to do anything to close on her house. Use your skills to put her at ease. She’s worried. If you can calm and reassure her, she’ll be less annoyed and better focused on the solution you’re offering.


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There are so many other skills we could add to this list of best sales techniques. Which would you put on the list? Share your favorites in the comments.