It takes time and hard work to run a fitness center these days but, lucky for you, there are more tools and information available than ever before to help! A careful analysis of your business and finances is necessary to ensure consistent growth. However, the most successful fitness centers in the world understand and utilize best practices each and every day. Here are a few best practices for running your fitness center that you need to do in order to run a championship business!

Wisely Manage Expenses

Expense management is necessary to ensure your fitness center remains profitable. As a fitness center owner, you must keep a budget; but there are ways you can better manage expenses. Carefully consider all aspects from payroll, utilities and taxes. Ask yourself the following: Do you need to be fully staffed every month of the year? Which expenses can be reduced? For example, utilities such as air conditioning and electricity can take a decent chunk of your fitness center’s earnings. Systems like heating and air should all be checked regularly to ensure they are running at peak performance. Also, simple changes like efficient light bulbs or the utilization of windows more on sunny days for natural lighting can trim expenses. Also, consider the supplies you stock in your fitness center. You probably have different cleaners, sprays, equipment lubricant and more. Sometimes, you run out of supplies at the most inconvenient time, so you need to plan and track accordingly. Inventory management software can be useful so employees can send supply requests when the stock declines. This is a convenient tool whether you manage one fitness center or multiple gyms and franchise locations. No more surprises!

Save Time with Automation

As the owner of a fitness center, time is money. That’s why some of the most successful gyms have chosen to automate their sales follow-up activities. Imagine a burden being lifted off your shoulders each morning when you realize that each one of your prospects or customers has already been emailed. What about a consistent flow of appointments on your schedule each morning so you know who you need to call or meet with? Simplistic in use yet robust in functionality, automation software like Blitz Sales Software can do all of this and much more to save you hours of follow-up!

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Boost Member Attendance

One of the most common issues in the fitness industry is gym attendance. Gyms acquire many new members during the winter months but they don’t stay at long. In fact, over 90% of those New Year resolution members quit after 3 months of going to the gym. That’s a staggering statistic. Why? Reasons range from prolonged results, the commute and time constraints. So, how do you reduce the likelihood of new members quitting? Try to create contests for weight loss or a goal chart for members. You can award prizes or even offer a free month of membership to boost motivation and retention. Don’t just focus on the physical side; turn your attention to education. You can include free informational wellness classes such as healthy eating and meditation! Incentivize your members, bring value to your gym, and watch attendance boost!

Excellent Customer Experience- A Must!

Did you know that your current customers are the bread and butter of your profits? According to The National Law Review, it can cost 5 times more to acquire new customers that it does to keep current ones. That’s why you need to ensure they consistently come back. One of the ways you can do so is to provide a quality customer experience. A friendly staff that is educated on memberships, services and equipment within your gym is more likely to keep patrons coming back. Think of it like this, for many, a gym is perceived as a place of vulnerability. Your physical form and strength are on display for all to see. Therefore, it can be intimidating and sometimes embarrassing for many people to ask staff questions. If staff members dodge questions by saying that they’re not sure, this will not project confidence to the patron. Instill a culture of approachability and provide proper education right from the point of hire. In doing so, customers are much more likely to return to your fitness center over and over again!

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