Do you want to build a highly skilled and passionate sales team? Here are our best tips for hiring sales reps that will be your company’s next rising stars!

If you’re hiring sales reps to join the team, you have to know the right qualities to seek out. Not only that; you need to know what red flags to stay away from. The tricky part: it’s difficult to judge how a candidate will perform in a sales role without seeing him in action.

Most businesses live and die by the quality of their sales teams. Finding the right people to sell your products and services (and themselves!) is a tall order. People who close on a consistent basis are rare. Sometimes, it’s the unlikely candidates that will surprise you.

A guide to hiring sales reps: 5 good signs to look for

1. The experience matches up

First and foremost, weed out the candidates that don’t have the right experience. A sales position is for a “people person.” Hiring sales reps that have only worked in construction might not be the best fit. But they don’t need exact-match experience either; working as a waiter, for instance, demonstrates the ability to deal with people on the spot.

Assuming that you’re looking to fill entry-level sales positions, here are pointers to go by when considering a resume:

  • Has experience with a sales position. Waitering, telemarketing, customer support, etc.
  • Shows an ability to hold down a job for extended periods.
  • Written communication is clear, concise, and intelligent.

2. Asks the right questions

The interview process tests the skills candidates need to use for the job: good communication, listening skills, answering questions, etc. But one thing that should stick out is how he asks questions. Knowing how to ask a good question is essential to sales performance. If they ask questions during the interview, it’s a good indicator they will quickly learn how to ask questions during the sales process.

  • Shows the ability to use open-ended questions during the interview process.
  • Can recall points from earlier in the conversation.

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3. Answers difficult questions with confidence

It’s a given part of salesperson’s job to respond to objections and challenging questions. Test your candidates and see how they respond to a curve ball during the interview. Do they lose composure easily? Do they take too long to answer?

Here’s one of the best questions to ask during an interview: what are your weaknesses?

Nobody wants to throw themselves under the bus. So they get caught up and sputter out an embarrassing or illogical response. Hint: if your candidate does that, there’s no need to go any further!

  • Does he respond with confidence and speed? Is he fast on his feet?
  • Look for an honest answer. Difficult questions call for direct answers; everything else is see-through.

4. Maintains focus and listens well

Good listening skills is one of the top qualities of a salesperson. Your new candidate won’t get far if he interrupts you during the interview or seems to lose focus while you are speaking. Look for a person who listens intently and focuses on the points being made.

  • Maintains eye contact
  • Nods his head during the right moments
  • Knows when it is his turn to speak
  • Responds well and brings up points you covered

5. Has that natural charm you can’t buy

Look for candidates who are natural-born salespeople. They possess the ability to make you laugh, pay attention, but above all else, make you feel respected and comfortable. Those traits can’t be taught. It’s something that people have, or they don’t.

  • Speaks with ease and confidence
  • Knows how to turn an awkward situation into a positive one
  • Can make you laugh at unexpected moments
  • Makes you feel reassured and generally good

Makes sure your hiring sales reps who show they want it!

One last thing: the person who wants the job the most will probably perform the best. If one candidate shows a real desire to become a part of your company, that passion makes up for other blemishes. Don’t be afraid to give people a chance, especially the ones who really want it.

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What are your thoughts? Do you have any tips to hiring sales reps? Share your story in the comments!