Become the Best Financial Adviser of All Time with These Tips

Have you ever wanted to become the Michael Jordan of financial advising? It’s a thought that’s probably crossed your mind at one time or another. Visions of satisfied clients, recognition, and wealth that influenced your decision to get into the advising business. However, it’s a dream that remains a vision until you make it a reality. So, whether you’ve recently decided to become a financial adviser or already are, here are a few tips to become the best financial adviser of all time!

1. Knowledge is Power

Founding Father Benjamin Franklin said it best: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” To be the best of all time, you need be the most knowledgeable individual you can be. Staying informed with trends and markets is the bare minimum of what it takes to be successful. To be the cream of the crop, you can read books in your field. They’ll help you learn from the past and plan for the future (check out this must-read list of 20). Not much of a reader? No problem, smarty pants. Listen to podcasts, watch free educational videos on YouTube, or perhaps take a class at a local university. These are just a few ideas to add some wrinkles to that gray matter in your head. The best thing of all is that this can all be done from the convenience and comfort of your office or home!

best financial adviser

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2. Be Accessible

Imagine if you called 911 for a medical emergency and it went to voicemail. Or, what if you called your insurance agent after a car accident and he or she never returned your call? You would feel alone and irritated. The same goes for your clients. That’s why, as the best financial adviser, you need to see yourself as the doctor of financial wellness. You need to be there for your clients in the good times and the bad. Where will you be when the market takes a dive or when a client wants to jump on a stock or mutual fund? The answer is clear: with them, for better or worse. Make the commitment to be accessible through phone, email or text. You can then set the guidelines as you wish with your clients. However, once you have proven yourself to be accessible, you’ll have your clients’ loyalty.

3. Simplify the Conversation

People come to you for sound financial advice because they trust you with their assets. Most of them didn’t go to school to learn about ‘Short Selling’ or ‘Bear and Bull Markets.’ That’s your job to educate them! That’s why when speaking with your clients, you need to keep the conversation simple. Speak their language or jargon. This will connect the dots in your clients’ minds so that they understand exactly where, how, and why their money is invested.

4. Network. Network. Network.

This one cannot be said enough: As the best financial adviser, you need to network. Volunteer in the community, join an organization, or coach Little League. These are just a few of the endless opportunities available to you to put yourself out there. However, don’t make the mistake of solely networking with the people of the community in which you reside. Find opportunities in surrounding areas to expand your client base. The more you venture outside of your hometown, the more prospects you’ll come across in need of sound financial advising! A simple google search or your local library are great starting points to find opportunities.

best financial adviser

5. Always Be Selling

After you gain a new client and establish a relationship, you should always seek out more opportunities to gain another. For example, when a client compliments you on his or her return on investment, or your quality of service, make this an opportunity to ask for a referral. With the mindset of always be selling, you’ll close more deals than ever. In fact, one of the little known (yet highly effective) techniques industry professionals use to generate new referrals is by using a Blitz web form. This ‘contact me’ link can be brought to networking events or put within your email signature so new business can be generated. As you settle into the ‘always be selling mindset,’ you’ll discover that there are so many best-kept secrets of financial adviser lead generation. Practice them all and you will be on your way to growing your client base and edging above the competition!

6. Sales Software For The Greats

The financial advisers who are at the top of their game make sure no leads fall through the cracks. This is why they use automated sales follow-up to save time and help easily manage the sales pipeline. As a Financial Adviser, you can manage every lead in with whom you have ever come into contact by creating workflows. Workflow will ensure every lead you desire is properly scheduled for you when you want. Workflow can also automatically send emails on your behalf! This is a tool financial advisers would long for years ago! Take advantage of the technological renaissance and use it to your advantage to become the best financial adviser of all time!

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