Using a copywriting formula is essential to your cold email success, and the Before, After, Bridge (BAB) Formula is a great technique

With so many different potential clients in so many different industries, it’s difficult to craft original copy that will lead to cold email success. Now imagine there was a copywriting formula you could use that would inherently appeal to the emotions of each potential client and drive them to click or call without having to reinvent the wheel every time you write a new e-mail. The “BAB” (Before, After, Bridge) copywriting formula is your key to unlocking this type of cold e-mail success.

If you’re not familiar with the BAB copywriting formula, look no further than the above paragraph. The formula is simple: Portray a world where there is a problem that your clients face with their day to day work. Then show a world free from that problem and demonstrate it’s appeal. Finally, bridge the two worlds with the product you have for sale.

Sounds simple, right? In a way, it is. However, it’s also helpful to understand why it works so that your copy is as clean and effective as possible.

The psychology of sales

Selling operates on the principles of human motivation. People don’t change because they want to, but because they feel the need to. That need is based on either pleasure or pain—we chase pleasure, we run from pain.

The key to a good cold email is to appeal to both of these senses, and that’s just what the BAB copywriting formula does. It starts by depicting a problem that’s relevant to your would-be customer, which speaks to their pain point. Now you’ve either got them worried about a problem they haven’t considered, or you’ve got them nodding their head, saying, “Yes, I’m familiar with that problem, and it’s frustrating.”

Once you’ve related to your customer, it’s time to appeal to their pleasure—in this case, showing what the world looks like when their distinct problem no longer exists. Such a demonstration makes them think, “Wow, that sounds great! If only it could happen in real life.”

Then hit them with the good news: It CAN happen in real life! And your product is the thing that will make the solution a reality. Now you’ve surely got their attention.

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 What makes it more compelling

The reason this copywriting formula works is that it appeals to the client’s emotions. If you write copy that summarizes all of the bells and whistles your product offers, it’s likely to be glazed over quickly because the person reading the email has no emotional attachment to what you’re promoting. Save the technical specs for later. People want to know how your product will help improve their everyday lives before they want to know what makes it work.

For example, let’s say you want to sell HRIS software to a startup. Your email copy might look like this:

EasyHR is the new HRIS software that will revolutionize your human resources practices.

This all-in-one database is designed to house all of your sensitive and confidential employee data in a secure, encrypted cloud so you can access your information anytime, anywhere. A global solution for HR information, recruitment, performance management, and reports, EasyHR even interfaces with your payroll software to provide streamlined data entry that you can rely on.

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Now to some, that might sound all well and good, but it’s also just a list that many people won’t read all the way through. Now let’s rewrite the copy using the BAB copywriting formula:

Today’s world requires a lot from HR professionals. You have to collect, store, and reference sensitive information, and there just isn’t enough room for all those file cabinets.

Imagine instead, a world where you store all of your sensitive employee information in a single, cloud-based source that you can access anytime, anywhere. Run reports, track applicants, manage performance, and even interface with payroll through an all-in-one global solution to your HR woes.

EasyHR does all this and more. With state-of-the-art digital security, you can manage your employee data at work or on the go without worrying about locking up drawers full of files and folders. Schedule a demo today to see how it works! 

See the difference? The second copy appeals to the senses, speaks to the emotions of the potential customer. It captures attention through feelings more than the list of specs.

One formula, many e-mails

Using one formula isn’t the same as using a template. You’ll still need to write separate emails for some of your customers, depending on their individual needs. But utilizing the BAB copywriting formula significantly decreases the amount of time and energy you have to put into writing cold emails for people who may not even read them otherwise. Use this method to reach your customers and save yourself time to focus on the many other demands your business makes of you.

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What copywriting formulas do you like best for writing cold emails? Share your answers in the comments below.