Your biggest goldmine of potential business is already sitting right in front of you – your book of business.  Think about your new lead follow up process for a moment.  Now think about how you follow up with your customers.  It’s easier and less expensive to prospect people you have already sold to because you can skip half the steps it takes you to get there.  You have already earned their trust.  They already know you and your company.  They are less likely to screen your phone calls and ignore your emails.  If you are not trying to sell to every customer you already have, you’re missing a huge opportunity.


Part of the challenge, however, is when and how to follow up.  Creating an effective process and sticking to it is important, not only to make it simpler but also to ensure consistency.  This allows businesses to track and pinpoint any holes in their process with accurate and controlled data.  For example, and insurance agent may choose to follow up with customers based on an x-date.  Let’s say John Smith currently has auto insurance, but no home insurance through Mark Johnson’s agency.  If Mark was not able to sell John the bundle package right when he signs up, he has a process to follow up again prior to John’s x-date with his current home insurance provider.  He sends another home quote* 40 days prior, then follows up with a phone call 30 days prior, and another email and phone call the week before his x-date.


To truly streamline a lead nurturing process like this, automation is key.  It also allows you to create a more complex process without adding additional work.  Blitz Lead Manager’s Workflow takes your custom follow up process and automatically reminds you when and how to follow up, or performs the activities automatically for you.  Filters are in place to ensure the correct contacts are popping up, and allows users to create multiple processes for different types of contact.  In Mark’s case, his cross sell Workflow is set up like this:


Cross Sell Workflow

Filters: Contacts with a “Sold” milestone, with a “home cross-sell” tag, assigned to a user, has a contract date (x-date)


40 days prior to x-date:  Send automatic quote*

30 days prior to x-date:  Reminder to call to follow up with quote

10 days prior to x-date:  Automatic follow up email

8 days prior to x-date:  Reminder to make another call

Once x-date has passed:  Blitz Lead Manager automatically adds 12 months to x-date


Note the last action:  Blitz automatically updates your x-dates, contract date, etc. so the process will continue until the “home cross-sell” tag is removed or the milestone is changed.


Ready to create your custom follow up process?  Contact Blitz support at (419)841-8800 or support@blitzleadmanager.com.