Workflow is an automated system in Blitz Applicant Tracking Software that sends emails automatically as well as schedules appointments for the appropriate staff member.  This automated tool can be completely customized to help move applicants through the hiring process quickly and easily.  Applying Workflow to your Blitz account can save your staff time and energy, and keep them organized and on task while working with candidates.

Below are a four ways Blitz Applicant Tracking Software Workflow can simplify your hiring process:

  1. Communicate with applicants at each stage in the process by sending out automated emails.  Each time an applicant is moved to a new milestone, you can have a personalized email sent to keep them updated and interested in the job.  In the end, the chosen applicants will be engaged and on board.
  2. Get things done more quickly and efficiently with automated scheduling and reminders.  If there are several staff members involved in the hiring process, Workflow instantly passes the applicant’s information to the necessary employee when need be.  For example, if a certain employee is in charge of running the background check, they will be notified when the candidate has been advanced to that step in the process.
  3. Keep applications current.  You can set up Workflow to automatically notify both the applicant and your staff that the application will be expiring soon.  This will remind the applicant to reapply if desired, or will prompt your staff to update the applicant to “expired” in Blitz Applicant Tracking Software.
  4. Go paperless.  Instead of mailing forms to the candidate or having them come back several times to finish up assessments or other required documents, you can set up Workflow to email these documents automatically to the candidate at the necessary point in time.
With Workflow, your office will spend less time focusing on administrative tasks, streamlining your hiring process.  Using Blitz Applicant Tracking Software helps your office collaborate on decisions to ensure you are hiring the best candidate every time.  For more information, contact Blitz support at (419)841-8800 or support@blitzleadmanager.com.