contact management solution


Users can enjoy the convenience of autodialing from within their Blitz contact manager software. Blitz is integrated with several auto dialers to ensure that its customers receive the best of both services. One of the benefits of being able to autodial directly from Blitz is the simplicity of being able to track leads quickly and effectively while saving time by having everything on one screen. Users can update leads within Blitz, schedule appointments, leave voicemails, and continue onto the next call all from the same page.


To start autodialing, first find the leads you’d like to contact. Go to your lead list and select the campaign you want to call. Then choose to create an autodialing campaign. After you’ve completed these steps, you can begin calling your leads immediately. If you aren’t able to complete your campaign at one time, Blitz allows you to stop and resume a campaign at a different time.


From the lead list within Blitz you can find out how many of the leads had duplicate phone numbers, unsupported phone numbers, or do not call numbers. During the call, you can update lead’s history, appointments, and history. Some auto dialers even note whether the call was connected or busy. Because Blitz sales software works with auto dialers to create a more streamlined calling process, agents are able to move rapidly through their lead lists.


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