In order to create a successful marketing automation program, business owners should consider evaluating their current process as well as establishing concrete goals for expanding business and improving productivity.  How do you know if you are ready to automate your lead marketing process?


Marketing automation is a way to streamline your marketing process, from lead generation, to quoting and meetings, to the sale.  By documenting and automating each stage in the sales process, your staff will remain consistent in follow ups and be able to handle a higher quantity of leads.  It makes things simple and ensures leads are being worked in the most efficient and effective way possible.


Review the following statements.  If several are true for your business, you are ready to take steps towards automation:


  • When following up with prospects, multiple staff members touch the lead; for example, a telemarketer, sales rep, and account manager.
  • You have several sources of leads
  • You have multiple products and services that require different and specific lead nurturing approaches
  • Your staff is often falling behind on sales calls, and as a result are lacking in building customer relationships
  • Many new leads are not ready to buy on the first point of contact, requiring further follow ups
  • Each staff member follows up and tracks prospects at their own discretion
  • You have, or are trying to create, a significant amount of marketing content but struggle to distribute it
  • You are unsure of your ROI, and would like to understand which lead sources are more successful

If you agree with at least 5 of the above, consider looking into a more sophisticated system to automate your marketing.  To get started, contact Blitz Lead Manager support at (888)470-0606 or click here to learn more about Blitz’s marketing automation solution.