If you have a website you can add a Blitz Web Form to any page on your website using an html iframe. In order to add the iframe to your site, you must have access to your website’s files or content management system’s interface and have an understanding of basic html.
*Since this is an advanced topic and every website is different we provide these steps for informational purposes only and will not be able to provide support for your website.
  1. Open the page in an html editor or open up the html editor for the page in your content management system
  2. Paste the below html into your page or html editor of your content management system. You will need to replace the “WEB_FORM_URL” with the URL of your Blitz Web Form. Basic html knowledge is required in order to know where to paste the code into your page. Since each page and website is different this location can vary from site to site and page to page.

    <iframe src=”WEB_FORM_URL” frameborder=”0″>
    <p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>

  3. Save the Page in the editor or Content Management System.

Once the page is saved you can navigate in a browser to see the form on your website.