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When logging into Blitz, it is important to have a plan.  Knowing what to check, what you are responsible for, and who you should be following up on is step one to creating an effective strategy for sales.  Below are some general tips and scenarios that will help Blitz users make the most of their account:


Setting up your account.
There are settings each user can adjust in their My Profile window, which can be found in the menu bar on the top of the screen.  Adjusting these preferences will make the user experience much simpler.

  • Within the Profile Setting section, update the “One Login Go To” option to reflect what you would like to see first when you log in to Blitz.  Users generally choose “Schedule” so they can view their daily tasks in the morning and get organized.
  • Create an Email Signature to make emailing out from Blitz simpler.
  • Within the History Notification Settings section, you have the option to turn on email notifications about updates in Blitz from other users.  Most users set up the three dropdown boxes this way: “Leads Assigned To Me,” “Any Status,” and “Any Milestone.”  This will send you an email any time another user updates a lead assigned to you.  For example, if you were out of the office and your coworker Fred answered a call from someone you quoted last week, you will know this happened with an email update.

Working leads.
What should you be doing daily in Blitz when you log in?  Having a plan set in place will make it much easier to complete tasks and get through your day.

  1. Check your schedule by clicking the Schedule tab in the menu bar.  If you are working exclusively with web leads, you can work directly from the schedule because new leads assigned to you will automatically be added to your schedule, and leads you have already worked should have a follow up appointment scheduled.
  2. If you are working leads from an uploaded list, the easiest way to find them is from the My Blitz page.  Open the “My Leads By Status” box and click the view link next to “New.”  This will pull up all new leads that are assigned to you (this might also include new web leads or manually added leads if you have not updated them yet, however those should be a priority and worked right away).  After the lead has been updated, make sure to schedule an appointment so that you can easily find them on your schedule from that point on.
  3. For referrals, walk ins, old leads on paper, or any other individual leads can be typed directly into Blitz as you get them.  Go to Leads > Lead List, select the campaign you would like to add the lead to, and click +Add New Record to add the lead.  Make sure to schedule a future follow up so that you can easily find this lead on your schedule later on.
  4. Make sure to always check neglected leads.  Neglected leads are basically missed appointments, tasks, or follow up calls from your calendar.  These are a high priority, as you are behind on this follow up or task.  These can easily be found on the My Blitz page in the Neglected Leads section.
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Best Practices.
Working leads shouldn’t be difficult, especially when using Blitz.  Use the following tips to make it simple.

  • Make sure there is always an appointment scheduled on every lead – even if it’s just to try them again in 6 months.  This way, when you log into Blitz every day you can easily see what you need to do for the day by checking your schedule, and you are continuing to rework leads until they are sold.  This also prevents leads from falling through the cracks, because if you miss something on your schedule the lead will become neglected.
  • Use Quick Adds.  Above the history note text box within each Lead Log is a Quick Add dropdown.  This is a way to add a note, schedule a follow up, and update the status/milestone all in once click.  It can’t get much easier than that!  Any administrator can customize these, so let your admin know if you would like additional Quick Adds.
  • When scheduling appointments, notice that there are different appointment types to choose from.  These will all appear as different colors on your schedule.  Use this to your advantage!  Many users are designating the different appointment types to prioritize their calendar.  For example, a task that is very important could be marked “Personal” to appear red on your schedule.  This way, if you get fall behind on your tasks you will know which ones to start with without becoming overwhelmed.
  • Always make sure to update the status and milestone appropriately when adding a note.  This is important for many reasons:
    • You will be able to see which leads still need to be worked on the My Blitz page
    • You can easily see where you are at with an individual lead without reading through several notes
    • You are able to filter your leads based on status, which could be used to load new leads into an autodialer, export for a mailer, and more
    • If you are using Workflow, automatic emails and appointments will be scheduled based on the status and/or milestone.  If they are not updated correctly, you are risking having sales or unrelated emails sent out to a lead that you have already contacted or sold.