Clearly, not all websites are created equal.  Creating a lead generation website that works means following these proven guidelines.

Does your current website produce the kind of leads that your sales team needs? If not, then your website probably needs some work. But fear not, the steps required to improve your lead generation website are fairly simple to follow.  We have assembled some of the best suggestions out there to help you build an effective lead generation website that will help you boost your brand’s image and credibility.

1. Increase the credibility of your testimonials with photos.
Testimonials are a very important part of demonstrating the true effectiveness of your product or service. When leveraged effectively, they can be very powerful to your prospects who are more likely to believe the praise of a current customers than marketing piece that you create yourself. However, pictures speak longer than words.  So always true to include a photo of the person whose testimonial you are using on your website to show the faces of your happy customers.

2. Create meaningful online videos to generate interest.
Videos are a wonderful way to generate comments, likes, and shares with your prospects and your customers. They are also a great way to bridge the gap between online and offline communications. However, the videos must be short – around 1-3 minutes maximum – and speak to a need, concern, or pain point of your target audience. Online videos can also be leveraged on social media to generate links back to your website, plus the content could boost your organic SEO rankings as well.

3. Always include a phone number.
With the dawn of digital technology, it might appear to be old-fashioned, but it’s still important to include a contact phone number for all your online and offline communications. Using a phone number builds trust and demonstrates credibility, even if the prospect fills out an online form or sends an email. Having a phone number that is displayed makes them more comfortable in possibly requesting more information.

4. Utilize online forms often on your lead generation website, but where it makes sense.
When attempting to increase the number of leads that your website generates, your first thought might be to add an online form to every page. While that might be tempting, that can make you look like spam or untrustworthy website. Instead, think of ways to request a lead’s information that makes sense.  Create premium content pieces such as case studies or white papers. Have a short intro available on your website, but make the full document available only when someone fills out the form.  This will allow you to capture those who are most interested quickly.

5. Action verbs are powerful and can help move your leads into taking the next step.
When creating your headline and calls-to-action, always think of what action verbs could help motivate your leads to take action. Put yourself in the prospect’s shoes. What words can you use on your lead generation website to strengthen your offer and make your product or service something that they can’t live without?

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6. Never use a website template without first customizing it.
Over the last few decades, many content management systems and website providers have made it quicker and easier than ever to build your own website. Website templates that have all pages built for you, where you just plug in your logo and text and go can be tempting. But to stand out from your competition, your lead generation website needs to follow suit. Work with trained designers that can help you to maximize the impact of your website with the custom layout and graphics it needs, and that your customers expect.

7. Use trust seals on your website, but only if they have real meaning.
Using a trust seal naturally makes your brand look more credible and has been shown to increase lead conversation rates. But in this day and age, keep in mind that consumers are very savvy and will only be swayed if the seal has real meaning. Never create your own just to make your company look more trustworthy.

8. Start a lead generation website with the end in mind.
Lead generation is all about reaching your goals and obtaining the right lead. Consider what sales, business, and marketing goals you are trying to reach with your website. What does success look like to you?  How does your lead generation website support those goals? How does your lead generation website provide the tools and resources for target audience needs to convince them to raise their hands and request more information or fill out an online form?

9. Test, test, and then test again.
Once you have built a lead generation website that you think works, you might think that you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Wrong! Over time, you will find ways to reach your lead more effectively based on what works and what does not. Tweaking your lead generation website will allow you to boost conversation sales, and hopefully in the end, not only the number of leads but sales revenue.

lead generation website

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What have you done at your company to improve your online presence and brand reputation?  How is your lead generation website working? We would love to hear about your experiences. Share your comments and feedback below!