Increase business with these top rated sales training concepts.

Businesses and salespeople are likely familiar with the Sandler Training method. While these tips are powerful and can be quite effective, it is not uncommon for even those people who well versed with Sandler’s concepts to make a few mistakes from time to time.  So if you want to have a competitive edge over your competitors, or even your colleagues, listen up.  Here are 8 top rated sales training principles that you will want to get right before your next call or meeting.

1. Don’t educate when you should be selling.
Sales depends on selling and that often if your initial goal.  However, do not waste your time by trying to convenience your prospect about the value of a product or service if they are already up-to-speed.  Ask your customer questions first and then start selling.  You can fill information later as needed.

2. Don’t talk too much.
Salespeople need to stop and think before talking.  Listen and ask questions instead of just rambling to a prospect.  Determine how they heard about your company, what they know and what they don’t know and then help them fill in the gaps. That will make your interaction with your new customer more meaningful for everyone.

3. Don’t assume the customer’s problem is actually a problem.
When talking to a new customer, it is always a good idea to determine their pain points and how your products or is going to help them.  But before you assume that what they perceive to a problem is actually a problem talk to them. You might find that it’s not really a problem but something else is that hasn’t been identified yet.

4. Don’t assume your presentation will seal the deal.
Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your presentation will sway people to purchase from you. Help your prospects to discover why they should buy from you on their own.  So once you do present to them how your products can help, they will already be convinced.

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5. Don’t be overconfident.
You might be a great salesman or saleswoman, but that doesn’t mean that your prospect will buy from you. Accept the fact that you will face resistance and that despite your best efforts, your prospect might be hard to convince. That’s where lead nurturing might be particularly beneficial.

6. Don’t make too many assumptions.
All too often, salespeople assume that they know what the prospect needs or is thinking.  Don’t do that.  Instead, get the facts.  Learn about their company, their target customer, their financial state if you can.  Then approach initial conversations ready to listen instead of being ready to talk.

7. Don’t blame others when a prospect stalls.
When a prospect stalls it’s only natural to try to determine why.  But instead of blaming the prospect or your marketing department, look inward.  Did you communicate as best you could that you needed to turn that prospect into a customer?  If you need resources to nurture your prospect, just speak up.  Chances are your colleagues will be more than happy to help if you ask.

8. Don’t hide mistakes or oversights.
Take it from someone who has been there, always come clean if you make a mistake.  While you might feel you are safer to hide errors, mistakes, or oversights from your customers or prospects it is never a good idea.  Honest and being transparent at all times is always the best policy.

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What have been your company’s top rated sales training tips? Please share your comments and suggestions with our audience by commenting below!