Increase eCommerce sales at your business with these tips & tricks that really work.

Building and maintaining the success of an eCommerce business can be challenging at times. From a marketing perspective, it can be overwhelming to select the tactics that will allow your company’s online sales to flourish.  Increase eCommerce Sales for good with these tips that really work.

Tip #1 – Retarget Your Past Customers
Your eCommernce business has worked hard to establish your brand and build a loyal following of customers. Retarget your previous customers with highly targeted and cost-effective Facebook advertising to lure them back. Give them a loyal customer or thank you sales offer or an exclusive introduction to a new product line.

Tip #2 – Retarget Abandoned Cart Shoppers
Customers who have visited your website, reviewed your products – and even added them to their online shopping carts- but still haven’t bought is a potential gold mine of untapped sales potential.  Track those items that they were interested in and offer them a discount or coupon.

Tip #3 – Retarget Customers Who Visit a Product Page Without Buying
By now, you can probably guess that retargeting your customer is important, so here is one more. Track everyone who is visiting your website, including all product pages.  When someone visits the website but doesn’t buy, leverage that knowledge.  Using your content management system create custom web content, or target them with an email campaign that includes a sales offer.

Tip #4 – Implement Marketing Automation
Increasing eCommerce sales requires the proper leveraging of customer data. Collect and maintain strong customer records of past purchases, buying habits, and email addresses.  Then create marketing campaigns that reaches your customers with the products they are most likely to buy.

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Tip #5 – Make Your Website Mobile Friendly
Buyer trends and expectations have changed over the years.  Long gone are the days when people completed the purchase process entirely on a computer.  It is not unusual for people to visit a website on a computer, smartphone, and tablet device at different times during the day.  Ensure that they have a seamless customer experience with a responsive and mobile friendly website that makes it as easy to buy from their phone as from a computer.

Tip #6 – Try Google Shopping Ads
Shopping advertisements on Google allows a company the option of showing both an image and the price in the ad.  This gives the buyers to know if that price is one that might be appealing and typically can increase performance and click through rates.

Tip #7 – Facebook Video Advertising is Powerful
One of the best things about promoting your products on Facebook is that nearly every aspect and behavior of its members is collected.  This allows you to leverage of the power of video advertising to promote a new product in a way that is relevant, meaningful, and almost certainly proven to generate sales gains.

Tip #8 – Popups to Encourage People Stay on Your Website
Create a popup window that appears when people have visited the product page and viewed a product, but haven’t yet completed the purchase.  The popup should encourage them with a testimonial, sales offer, or something similar to keep them on the website long enough to complete the transaction.

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What has your company done to increase eCommerce sales? What has worked and what hasn’t worked? Share your thoughts, tips, and comments below!