Monitoring quotes and sales not only motivates your staff, but is also key to quickly growing a successful business.  Lets face it, sometimes it takes 4 or 5 drafts before you get an efficient process in place, and top companies understand it’s important to constantly evolve.  Blitz Lead Management Software‘s opportunity feature allows companies to track and improve their sales proces all in one place.  Below are 8 reasons to start utilizing the opportunity tool today:


  1. Discover best lead sources.
    It’s important to add a source to every lead in Blitz so you can later track the success of each source.  The My Blitz page displays a breakdown of all sales for each source, making it obvious when a shift of focus is in order.
  2. Track sales goals.
    Why keep a sales sheet or Excel file when you can track follow-up activities and sales in the same place?  Administrators can easily see how much each employee has sold per month or year to date on the My Blitz page.  Individual users can use Blitz to track their sales, motivating them to stay on track and exceed their goals.
  3. Forecast future sales.
    When using consistently, Blitz is able to forecast future sales based on the lead’s “percentage chance to win.”  This gives an accurate projection based on the lead’s actual interest in your product or service.
  4. End the quarter strong.
    Is the end of your quarter or year closing in?  Check out Blitz’s listing for deals you should have already sold based on the lead’s “estimated close date,” and follow up for a last ditch effort to reel in some more sales.
  5. Never lose information.
    Unlike many other systems, Blitz never deletes old quotes.  This allows users access to past information even years later when a previous customer or lead returns.
  6. Track return on investment.
    Purchasing leads is only worth it if you are making your money back, right?  Track your ROI for any lead provider to ensure it’s worth it.
  7. Keep a live working draft.
    We’ve all gotten caught in the “5 different versions” scenario.  Instead of attempting to share a document, a web based solution like Blitz allows all users to share and update information that can be analyzed but also kept locked or private to avoid meddling.
  8. Prioritize opportunities.
    Do you have hundreds of quotes to work through?  Try starting with your highest chance to sell.  In Blitz, you can sort your opportunities based on “percentage chance to win,” allowing you to get to the best opportunities first.