Do work in real estate and have dreams increasing revenue at your business?  Here are 8 great ideas to help you generate more creative real estate ads and marketing pieces.

Being original these days helps your name to be remembered and stand out from the crowd.  It can be likewise challenging to craft marketing pieces and campaigns that are original, thought-provoking, and memorable. But if you need some idea for new creative real estate ads and marketing pieces look no further.  Here is our list of 8 ideas that you need consider for your next advertising initiative.

1. Post a real estate marketing quiz on your website
It’s no secret that people like to take and share online quizzes. Create a short quiz with multiple choice answers to determine the interests and behaviors of your target audience.  Quizzes could also be historical in nature or test their knowledge of the area. Think of ways to make the quizzes fun and entertaining, and they are sure to be a hit with your customers and prospects.

2. Find way to create content that makes people laugh
On social media, few things are as memorable or as shareable as internet memes (or images with text that say something funny in relation to the image).  Create your own internet memes that talk about closing on a new house, interacting with home buyers or sellers, or helping people find their dream home.  Get creative and let your humorous side shine through. You will likely discover that making your target audience laugh is also a highly effective marketing tactic.

3. Develop advertising campaigns to promote local communities
Every town and city has suburbs of communities that are a rich mix of people and businesses.  If your real estate agency is trying to start sellers or buyers in a certain area, consider developing articles or videos that discuss businesses and properties in those sections and how their value impacts property value.  This is a great way of not only showcasing your personal views and opinions, but establish your business as one that cares about your customers and not just making the sale.

4. Create and use memorable images and infographics
Real estate is a field that is highly visual.  So your marketing plan should contain plenty of marketing tactics that leverage in-depth charts and images to explain complex concepts and data in a more engaging and effective manner.  You should be already using a professional and consistent logo and color palette for all your marketing pieces.  So take your creative real estate ads a step further by creating high quality charts, maps, and informational graphics (or infographics) that can be leveraged in your email campaigns, on your website, and especially on social media to drive engagement and content sharing.

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creative real estate ads

5. Craft an eye-catching series of photographs on social media
People like seeing the human side of the businesses that they partner with these days.  Considering ways to give your sales leads a way of getting an inside glimpse into the secret world of your real estate agency.  Then you can extend your social media following images that can be used for talent recruitment or to generate awareness of attending a conference, tradeshow, or other local event.

6. Design a business card that get you noticed
Find your favorite internet search engine and look for “creative business card ideas.”  You find an interesting mix of concepts and colors that will help your otherwise boring business card stand out and be remembered. The more creative your business card, the more likely they are to keep your business card and share it with others, which can be huge advantage in your local market.

7. Create alternative versions of your logo that emulates famous trademarks
These days it’s easy to find a free version of a font online that matches your favorite movie, television show, or brand.  Those are all items that get noticed by consumers.  Work with your content writer to develop a marketing campaign that leverages those logos for an email and social media blitz that helps generate attention and boosts awareness of your real estate agency.

8. Craft a fun game for the top sporting events or awards shows
Join in on the excitement from the Super Bowl, the NBA, or NHL Finals, March Madness and more by developing your own PDF game board.  Not only will people find it fun and entertaining, but it is likely to be shared with others and will help to create buzz and interest in your real estate agency.

creative real estate ads

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What have you used for to build creative real estate ads and what has been your results? Do you have any examples or words of wisdom to share with our audience? Share your feedback in the comments below!