If you are a small to medium-sized business that is looking for ways to get more clients, we have some tips to increase your sales leads without all the stress.

Managing your own business can be stressful. Getting clients to keep your business afloat is important but can be difficult and cause anxiety for business owners. Here are some great ways to get more clients so you don’t have to struggle each month.

1. Create blogs posts with your ideal client in mind.
One of the best ways for potential clients to find you online is to write blog posts that your ideal clients would want to read. This blog post is good example of just how one company does it.  At our company, we sell software for sales and marketing automation.  So our blog posts are – helpfully – related to topics that readers like yourself care about and want to read.  Like many other companies who use this tactic, we create blog posts that focus on the needs of different audiences.  Perhaps at your company it would be different products or services.

Essentially, you are selling yourself without actually trying to sell.  You can showcase your skills and knowledge – and how you can help your client to succeed without being pushy or forceful.  Blog posts are also a great way to promote other webpages or premium content pieces you have available through your website.

2. Join a Facebook Group.
Regardless of what some people have claimed, Facebook for business is not dead.  In reality, Facebook can be a great way to find clients and build your business. Here’s how you can get started.  First, get in the mind of your ideal customer.  What are they interested in and where would they be hanging out online?  Then find and join a Facebook group whose members could use your products or services.

But here’s where it might get tricky.  Do not start spamming all of the members with post after post or comment after comment that promotes your website, products, or services.  Instead, read through the posts and ask questions or offer insight the person might need.  Other group members will take notice and will check out your profile page, which should be linked to your company’s Facebook page and website.  When done right, this approach can really work!

3. Use Twitter to answer questions.
Many people these days use Twitter to look for recommendations from their peers or to seek out advice.  Does anyone have any experience using a certain business or product?  Or what have they heard about that company?  Start by searching Twitter for the following:

  1. finding a (keyword)
  2. hiring a (keyword)
  3. (keyword) recommendations
  4.  #(keyword)help

This tip sounds simple because, to be honest, it is.  Plus it can be highly effective. And when responding, be honest and concise, and have links to where people can find pricing or request more information.

4. Focus more on the human side of social media.
Social media builds trust and expands your reach. However, the key is to also be a normal human being — not a salesperson – and not a brand. Sprinkle your business into your usual posts. Your next big client likely wants to do business with a real person who values and respects them. Showing them that the brand is knowledge, real and authentic will go a long way and will encourage them to work with you.

Social media can also build hype and excitement, especially when you include other people. Be creative, and think of ways you can especially leverage your partners in your social media posts.

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Ways to Get More Clients

5. Consider following up with good leads that never purchased.
Once you have a solid lead, you have likely called or emailed them. But what if he or she never got back to you? It’s easy to just call it a day and forget about that lead and more onto the next one.  But you might be losing out a great possible client by not following up.  Send that person a quick email and call them to check in. However, don’t forget to offer something to read or see when contacting him or her, to increase value – which will increase likelihood of reply.

6. While you are at it, follow up with your current customers too.
If you have a good customer, you might be thinking why follow up with them. Over time, chances even your best customers have needs or concerns that you might not know even exist. Send them a quick message and offer then extra help, or to make them aware of a new marketing piece or sales offer that was just announced. Always add value to each message, even quick follow ups.

Ways to Get More Clients

7. Write guest blogs for other non-competing brands.
Review your business partners and company contacts that might lead to a guest blog opportunity. Guest blogging will allow you to share your professional knowledge and expertise and demonstrate the value of your organization. When writing a guest blog, use an authentic voice and tone in your writing.  Do not use the guest blog to promote every webpage, sales offer, and marketing piece that exists online.  Instead, write as if you are talking to a colleague and share your experiences.

8. Update customer data and build your email list.
Especially if your brand is leveraging email and digital marketing in their advertising mix – which you probably are – then you will want to make note.  If you take one item away from this list, this is it.  It is crucial that you keep your lead and customer contact data updated and accurate.  If you can’t reach them, you can’t cross-sell, up-sell, or lead nurture. For those brands with subscribe options from your website, make sure all your leads and customers are away and promote it in your email campaigns and social media posts.

Ways to Get More Clients

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Have you uncovered some ways to get more clients that we haven’t included? Share your feedback and tips in the comments below!