Do you want to uncover some new call center solutions to increase business? Jumpstart progress at your call center with these 7 ways to help you survive 2017.

Working in a call center demands that you be patient and polite, especially when the customers are unhappy.  When a caller is faced with an agent that is unknowledgeable or rude, it could cause them to change companies, detrimental to your bottom line. To ensure that your call center has the best year yet, here are 7 call center solutions that you should try.

1. Thank Your Employees Regularly
Working at a call center can be occasionally stressful and draining for your employees.  But even in other industries, employees appreciate being thanked when they have done a good job.  Managers though are often too busy to hand out praise when it’s deserved, which can lead to low job satisfaction, employee turnover and more.  So take a moment each week and each month to demonstrate your gratitude to your call center agents, especially when someone goes the extra mile to keep your customers satisfied and ensure their questions are answered to their satisfaction.

2. Let Employees Occasionally Blow Off Some Steam
Give your call center agent a time and a place to regularly vent their frustrations.  Talking to customers about their problem can be draining, so it’s always a good idea to provide a constructive place on a regular basis for your employee to discuss that went well and what did not go well.  Perhaps during a weekly department meeting might be a good spot? Show your call center agents that you care about what they have to say.

3. Create Flexible Team Work Schedules
Work with all members of your team to discover a schedule that will be an effective call center solution that will make a big impact on your business this year.  Dealing with customer problems all day long is tough.  But sometimes life gets in the way of always being at work during preset hours every single day.  Allow your team the chance to come up with a flex schedule that will cover your business during more hours, but without everyone always working the same hours.

4. Provide Opportunities for Career Growth
One of the reasons why most people leave any job is the lack of professional growth opportunities.  Consider ways to allow your call centers to spread their wings every week at their jobs.  Ask them questions to determine their desired career path and goals.  Listen to them, and then try to match their desired path with training and resources that ensures that they feel satisfied with their jobs, and aren’t just spinning their wheels every day.

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call center solutions5. Use Positive Words
Everyone at your company feeds off of the positive or negative energy that is conveyed by their co-workers.  Create a nurturing environment where people feel empowered to solve their problems with a positive spirit instead of dwelling on the negative.  Work hard to stop using negative works like never, won’t or can’t both with call center agents and managers.  By minimizing the use of negative words, over time your employees will minimize their usage as well when talking to customers.

6. Train Your Call Center Agents
Does your business need a call center solution that will really benefit you in the long run?  If so, then you need to be training your agents.  When customers call a call center or support center they want to talk to trained agent that will be polite, courteous, and solve their problem quickly.  In order to allow your employees to do their jobs you need to train them and periodically keep training them.  Training isn’t something that you can do once and forget about it.  Training should be done on a regular basis to keep your agent’s skills sharp, and to provide them a chance to learn about training trends in what people need or are asking for when they call.

7. Ask for Feedback From Your Call Center Agents
Nobody knows the needs and concerns of your customers like your agents. They are on the front lines everyday asking and answering questions. By keeping the lines of communication open with your employees you can uncover what additional options your callers want the most and what tools or resources will make your agents’ jobs easier. Allowing your employees to have their voices be heard will increase job satisfaction and their input will likely make life easier for your customers as well.

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What is your call center doing to make 2017 the best year yet?  What call center solutions have most helped your employees and managers? Share your feedback in the comments below!